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  1. peter

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    is .32 cartridge good enough for shooting and self defence . and what is the range of 1911 pistol .
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    Hey pete, welcome to the forum. Please stop by the intro area and let everyone know you are here and a little about yourself.

    IMO, the smallest round I would carry for SD is a 38. I would consider a 380 but I don't like the small autos. That's just my opinion and as you know they vary.

    As to the range of a 1911...what range? Effective range? How far will the bullet go? You'll find people all over the internet shooting handguns(read as 9mm, 40, 45) at ranges of 200 yards and they think they're cool. Most handguns are worthless at that range and to even be in the fight you need a hand cannon(44mag min and that is a stretch). I personally, in a combat situation, would not engage with a 45ACP at anything more then 50 yards and the thread better be closing. As a civilian....thats a different story.
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  3. bgeddes

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    Your questions are very vague and seem somewhat disconnected.

    Any firearm can be 'good enough' depending on the situation. The problem is the situation is almost always out of the defendee's control, initially. If the only thing available is a .32cal, then that is what should be used for self defense.

    Most of us would prefer to use a different caliber, or perhaps weapon for the purpose. For a pistol or revolver, most prefer at least a 9mm or .38cal. Many folks carry rounds far more powerful. For home defense, a shotgun is generally considered the gold standard. With many available ammunition choices, keeping the effective power where is it required / desired is a much easier task.

    Range of a 1911? Many, many factors in this number. The shooter is a huge part of the equation. So many things to consider it is hard to pin down a number.

    Welcome to FTF, read all you can, the information you need and much more is all right here.
  4. JonM

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    if im not mistaken most SD shooting situations typical range is 0-7yards.

    i consider .32cal too small as a choice. if its all you got its better than nothing.

    personally i dont bother shooting much past 25yds with most of my focus at 15yds with handguns.

    i like the .380acp as there are a wide choice of guns for summer carry and full size .45acp for winter. right now i dont carry at all since im stuck in liberal hell in wisconsin, criminals and illegals have more rights here than taxpaying law abiding citizens
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    Because the .32 (7.65mm) cartridge was used for many generations in Europe for Self Defense and Law Enforcement work it must be sufficient for the task....in Europe. In America, almost no one considers the .32 sufficient for self defense and the Police have never used it as a primary side arm. American bad guys must be much tougher than European bad guys. American bad guys generally cannot be stopped by any cartridge who's caliber does not start with a #4 (.40 S&W, .44 Magnum, .45 ACP).

    As long as you only have European standard bad guys in India, a .32 is sufficient.

    As far as the range of a .45 ACP? Effective range is about 50 yards.
  6. orangello

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    About the .32, i recently witnessed an accidental discharge of a .32 revolver with non-jacketed ammo. I do not know the brand of ammo; it didn't appear to be a "short" or subsonic round. This girl shot a chair approximately behind me with the little gun, at about three feet range, accidentally. The bullet didn't go even halfway through a 3/4" piece of wood that was part of the chair back. It didn't even knock the empty chair back. It did scare everyone in the room. I am really glad the chair was there, rather than my butt.

    After seeing that, i wouldn't want to count on a .32 to bring down anyone wearing anything thicker than a sweatshirt, but it would be better than nothing.
  7. danf_fl

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    If you would not take on a 150lb wild pig with what you carry for self defense, how do you expect it to stop a 200lb druggie/hoodlum?
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    Robo handled the OP's question well as the OP didn't have a follow up question or stopped by the intro page I expect FTF has provided the best information possible based on the limited information.

    This has been a public service anouncement...............thank you for stoping by:D
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    I carry a keltec p32 on my ankle every day... Its not the only gun i carry but as last resort weapon i choose none other...
  10. ScottA

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    Now that's pretty original. :D

    Hollywood, or Bollywood most likely in the OP's case, does a great job of misrepresenting the capabilities of handguns. If you are not familiar with handgun shooting, you would probably be very surprised how difficult it is to hit your target beyond 25 yards. Out beyond 50 yards is a total crapshoot for all but the best shooters.
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    My Wife has a .38sp snubnose and a .32acp auto loader. She prefers the .32 because of the lack of recoil. It has limited muzzle climb, but having said that she is small, so she can fire 8 rounds starting at the crotch to head w/ muzzle climb in a couple seconds at 10 yards.