30S won't feed 21 magazines - ideas?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by phillip69, Mar 28, 2014.

  1. phillip69

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    So I have about 500 rounds thru new 30S. no misfeeds from either of its 10 round magazines.

    I now can confirm just about every other bullet misfeeds when using my stock 21 13 round mag, and worse, misfeeds 2 of every 3 from my other 2 glock brand 21 mags with +2 bases.

    all these 21 model mags feed fine in the 21.

    misfeed is usually bullet nose partially in barrel but back of it still in mag - so it sits at around 30 degree angle and slide does not close fully.

    any ideas why? should I send back to Glock for repair?
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    I guess first of all I would have to ask when shooting the 21 magazines in the Model 30 pistol. Are you putting any pressure on the Magazine at all. I know with a lot of pistols that when using the full size weapon magazine in the compact version of the pistol applying any pressure or holding on to the extended magazine will sometimes cause the issue you are speaking of. I guess question number two! Are the magazines factory Glock Magazines or aftermarket mags. A perfect example of what I am talking about mag wells and magazine tolerances need to be absolutely correct. An example that I am very familiar with is a well known AR Manufacturer had the company that provided lower receivers for them broke the broach that finishes the Mag Well on the AR Receivers. The result was the tolerances were slightly off to the point they were not noticeable since it was only a few thousands of an inch off. And the ARs would work fine with 30 Round Magazines but not with 20 Round Magazines because of it. Let us know your thoughts on any of the above.

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  3. phillip69

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    blue label original factory mags (except the 2 I added +2 pearce bases on).

    with the longer mag, I am using it to hold the 30s! I will try not touching it next time (supoosed to be nice enough to shoot tomorrow) - will report back. thanks!
  4. John_Deer

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    Do you have a spacer for the magazine? A spacer would stop the magazine from wiggling if you touch it. I would definitely give Glock a call before I started throwing money at the problem.
  5. phillip69

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    thanks for replies. turns out it was a dirty gun!

    I cleaned it really really well......

    It worked perfectly once again! I had a 14 bullet model 21 pearce+2 brass ready to try but did not need to - the Wolf steel worked fine, no FTFs in about 50 rounds (10x from 30S mag, 14x from TWO 21 mags, 13 from 21 mag. All steel Wolf.

    Guess I probably didn't clean for 3-4 times of shooting 40-50 per session.

    Not only that, but at 10 yds all shots were once again within about 3" diam (I am not very good yet). Wondering now if shot accuracy is effected by dirty gun? sure seems so....

    I cleaned it again after this small session :)