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    From looking at available ammunition, the .338 seems to be a superior round. Heavier bullet and similar fps. Looking at how an AR-30 is set up, it seems to pretty much a sniper rifle. Does the .338 kick to much to work as a traditional AR?
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    which 338??

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    I'll bet he's talking .338 Lapua Magnum.

    .308 / 7.62x51
    - Cost per round: $0.83
    2-REML308W4BX - Ammo .308 Winchester UMC Metal Case 150 Grain 2820 fps 20 Round Box
    Muzzle energy: 2,648

    The .308 would bring down any animal in N. America with a well placed shot under 600 yards (correct me if wrong)

    The .338 Lapua Magnum is IMHO, overkill for anything in N. America and way over priced and completely impractical for anything but a single shot from 1,000 yards. That being said; If i were rich, I would love to have a bolt action rifle chambered just for that! :D :D :D

    .338 Lapua Magnum
    - Cost per round: $5.63
    53158 - Ammo .338 Lapua Magnum Remington Rifle Cartridge 250 Grain Lapua Scenar 2960 fps 20 Round Box
    Muzzle energy: 4863 (Nearly double the power of the .308, 3.7 times more powerful than the .223)

    If going for overkill, I would go with the 50 BMG, as ammo is cheaper, will fly further and do more damage.

    .50 cal:
    $3.50 / round
    muzzle energy: 12,883 ft/lbs. (4 times the energy of a shotgun slug)

    Too bad I can't have one in this golden state.
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    Assuming you mean .338 Lapua...

    Superior is a value directly related to use. If your target is a man at 1900 meters then the .338 Lapua is a superior choice. If your target is a 200 lb deer at 125 yards then the .308 is a superior choice.

    As far as I know there is no rifle based on an AR platform that will accomodate the .338 Lapua. You might be able to get an AR-10 type custom made in .338 Federal but I don't really see a purpose for one.
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    .338 Lapua is way too long for the AR-10 size action. The Cobb might handle it, I'm not sure.

    The .338 Federal is a different animal entirely. Much less velocity than the Lapua. My problem with the .338 Federal is ammo is far less available than the .308. If you want to handload and plan on keeping plenty of components on hand in case of supplies being cut off (regulation or SHTF), then the bigger, heavier bullet might have some advantages.
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