308 vs 30-06 vs 7.56 etc. help me pick

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by boatman, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. boatman

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    First off, I read the top sticky thread, a great piece of work, thank you for that. Then have read another 50 threads, but of course, now just more confused.

    I have a SW MP15-22, which is great fun to hit paper with and cheap as well.

    I want to move up, and was thinking about a real AR .223, but I want something that I can hunt deer (in the NE, so they are not those 80 lb things I see down south, a .223 is not enough) and of course zombies on 12/21/12;-)

    Also, want the ammo to be inexpensive, since I spend more time shooting paper than living or living dead things, and didn't want too much recoil as I have a bad nerve in my arm.

    I want something very accurate out a few hundred yds, not too much $ as I need the $ for bullets and of course the AR later on.

    My first step is to choose a caliber, and hoping some of the expert help here can throw their 2 cents in. Thought of an AR 10, but can't find those without breaking the bank. However, it seems that this might be the total solution to the problem; having an AR for AR needs, and large enough caliber for food and zombies? Thanks.
  2. jismail

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    You may want to look for an AK round (7.62x39) weapon. It is kind of right in between the .223 ARs and the .308 M1As

    It has respectable power, readily available, and less recoil then some of the others - especially the 30.06.

  3. JonM

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    there isnt a cheap ammo solution for bigger than 223/556 in a ar15 unless your a reloader.

    maybe a sks would fit the bill. its a bit more accurate than a ak47 and softer shooting due to the longer barrel and extra weight.
  4. jpattersonnh

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    You live in Ma, 1st bad part if a semi auto was a thought. Not sure how recoil sensitive you are. Where in Ma are you? I'm in NH. I may have a few options for you to look for.
  5. JTJ

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    You can get a 7.62 upper for an AR. Is an AR legal to hunt with in the OP's state? The 7.62x39 is similar to the 30-30 in power so really not a 300 yard hunting round. The Mini 30 could be an option. Some lighter recoil hunting rounds but not cheap are 243, 250/3000, 6,5x55. Learn to reload to keep cost and recoil down.
  6. 303tom

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    The "thirty-aught-six" Springfield.............
  7. sbitter

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    I agree with 303tom the 30.06 is just a reliable powerful rifle I would stand by mine no matter what
  8. bigdaddy573

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    Same here got to love a good 06 that's y I got two of them;)
  9. hockeyjr1

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    I have a tc venture 30-06 bolt action.. Love the dam thing... First 2 shots on the gun were touching at 50 yards... It has a guarantee 1"moa at 100 yrds and is only 470 bucks... That's the price at dicks in long island ny n e ways
  10. dks7895

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    The 30-06 is a great round...but I like the 308 better. Ballistically they are very close. But the 308 has less felt recoil and I like the short action better. For the nerve issue in your arm...get a nice recoil pad. You'll never feel the recoil in the field.
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  11. sbitter

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    Remington 700 is really worth the money especially if u can pick up one of the older ones. My dad gave me his which had been fired all of ten times and was in perfect condition. Man I love that gun not just sentimental but fun as can be to shoot