.308 HDR ideas??

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    Ok, not trying to start a war here... so here goes.

    I have had my FAL for a number of years. It is reliable, goes bang every time, etc... What I have found is that I cannot reliably keep the rifle under 4moa using surplus ammo. Heck, even my reloads at times don't do that, and it isn't the ammo. Other people can do it with my rifle, so I know it is me. I have a hard time getting and keeping a proper cheek weld (and in the same spot), and in using the sling I believe that I don't always have the same pressure on the barrel.

    So, I need to figure out a better way to fix the problem, or I am thinking about moving to an AR10 or something similar. I would prefer that it be a Rock River LAR 8 as it will take FAL magazines, but it isn't out yet. The reason for this thinking is that I do very well with the AR platform.

    I have also thought about just getting a 6.8SPC/6.5Grendel upper for my current AR lower and using that instead. Of course, then ammo and supply become an issue..

    Sometimes choices suck.. :) Thoughts and ideas??
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    I am surprised that nobody has an opinion to share on this.. :)

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    Have you thought about mounting a scope or red dot on your rifle? I would also think about switching calibers like you're suggesting. Trouble is that both 6.8 and 6.5 ammo is very pricey. As of today, some of the 6.8 ammo goes for a dollar a pop. If you own any kind of a rifle, you should have some sort of scope or red dot on it to enhance its general shooting abilities, not for sniping. Something as simple as a non-variable 4X scope will work wonders for most shooters to enhance their accuracy from zero to 300 meters. The Brits found that out a few years ago which is exactly why their SA-85 bullpups have scopes on them.
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    Bidah - We haven't interacted much, so I don't know much about you, please forgive these basic questions.

    Have you checked your pull length for the length of the stock you have on the weapon? You mention that you are having a hard time achieving the same spot weld when you shoot. Generally that is a symptom of having a stock that is the wrong size for you ( usually too small ).

    Are you using the sling when shooting off hand? Or are you shooting from a bench and using the sling?

    How is your first shot of any given group as opposed to your follow up shots? Is your first round right on target, but you get a flyer that destroys your group somewhere in the string? Or is the first round off and the later rounds tighten up as you get more comfortable behind the trigger?

    How is the trigger pull? Does it have an especially long creep that is affecting your accuracy?