308 bullet for shooting pigs

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    Hi guys
    as some of you may know I'm new to shooting i recently bought a rem 700 in a 308 Ive been to the range a fair bit and managed to get away hunting a few times just got my 1st pig last weekend:D Ive always been interested in making my own rounds and have a friend who has offered to help as hes been shooting and reloading for years when i asked him for help he said first off i had to get more brass so Ive got 300 cases next he said i had too decide what type of bullet i want to use then we can sit down and he will take me through the process involved in making the bullets cleaning brass suited powders and so on......my problem is what type of bullet nosler horndy and so on and what type ballistic or partition and what weight so many to chose from:eek:i want to hunt pigs and shoot down the range ive been told different bullets suit some guns better than others dont know if this is gospel or not please is their any one out there that can help me thanks crusty

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    If you are hunting Pigs that are not 400+ pound monsters, a decent 150 gr soft poinit would be more than sufficient. I really like the Winchester Power Point. Very consistant performance and very cost effective. They do not cost much more than 147 gr FMJ's.

    Sure their are better bullets available, at 2x the cost. They are pigs. If I was going to spend $10,000 on an African safari, I would have the best possible bullet to insure I had a good hunt, but they are pigs.
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    I know lots of guys who have dropped hogs easily with 55-grain bullets in their .223s. I've killed many with 100 grains out of my .243. You should have no problem with any bullet your .308 will handle. Just find which weight of bullet and which brand your rifle likes the most.

    I agree with Tango that Hornady bullets are great. So are Nosler bullets. My favorite of all for this application is the Sierra GameKing, and they're usually a little cheaper than the others.
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    thanks for your input guys, i think ill start with the horndy interbond would love to hear from anyone who shoots with a rem 700 in a 308 for their perspective I'm using Remington 150 grain corelokit although i hit the target groups are big:( a friend told me that was good for factory ammo!!! hate to think hes right should i maybe try a different weight??
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    308 bullet

    I spend my money on Hornady SST 150 grain. Will work on both deer and hogs. I like the 139 grain SST in my 280.

    For the casual shooter, hunters, etc. it is hard to beat the price and performance of Hornady Custom SST ammo.
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    My mate has had good success on pigs with his .308 using the 168gr Barnes Tipped TSX bullet. Available from Nioa, so most gun shops should be able to source it :cool: