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    So I have a .307 Winchester model 94 on the way. Please school me on this rifle. :)
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    The 307 is a rimmed version of the 308. Years ago I almost bought one, a custom 94, but one of the salesmen at the store bought it while I was researching it. :(

    IIRC, it uses the same dies to reload as the 308 with a different shell holder. Only use 307 loads because it is loaded to a slightly lower pressure than the 308. Bullet selection is a little tricky because any bullets suitable for the tubular mag will have been designed for the 30-30 and about 400 fps less MV. So be sure to use the toughest bullets you can find.

    Brass and ammo is a seasonal item, which means that Winchester cranks out a run every couple of years whenever they feel like it. The good news is that both are currently available, so stock up NOW.

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    If I was you I'd buy a BUNCH of brass so you can reload for it (assuming you reload). The .307 is just about dead so you better stock up while you can. If you have an adequate supply of brass/ammo there's nothing wrong with it. Use Hornady's Leverlution bullets in it. They are the only spire pointed bullets you can safely use. Some people load regular spire pointed bullet loads with 1 in the chamber and only 1 in the magazine. That way you effectively have a 2 shot rifle but can enjoy the improved ballistics that spire pointed bullets offer.
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