300 wsm to punch paper

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    I've been thinking of trading my Savage 12 BTV .223 (thumbhole heavy barrel) that I use to target shooting and getting something with more punch. Not that paper needs more punch, but I want something different. I know, get a .308. Yawn. Everybody's got one. I found a heavy barreled Savage called a model 12 low profile varminter. Pretty close to what I already have but I found out you could get it in .300 Winchester short mag. Now that is interesting. Anybody got one of these Savage's? How about accuracy potential of the cartidge at 200 yds.? Just wanting to play with something different and have never had a magnum rifle before.

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    you can't go wrong with a savage, any model, any caliber. 200 yards is still getting warmed up with the .300 wsm as far as trajectory, and if you do your part, will be under or around 2.5", on a good day 2". i would suggest you find someone you know that has a magnumed rifle and shoot 10 shells first before you purchase one. sometimes the recoil will put people off of magnums (short or long), and they end up selling it a couple years down the road.

    if it's just for shooting paper, that .223 of yours will be fine out to 400 and with more practice, 600.

    if you just want something different, look into a 25-06. very flat shooting, and underrated by most.

    actually i'd take the $ you'ld invest in a new setup and put it into the .223 (upgrade optics, tactical stock, trigger, bipod, oversized bolt handle, more ammo, etc.

    savage also makes a nice bolt action slug gun. now there is something you don't see everyday, has plenty of punch, and from what i hear, does under 3 to 3.5 inch 5 shot groups at 200.

    i learned from experience that magnums for paper punching is unneccessary, is basically a bit too much gun for medium sized game such as deer and such.

    might as well use a .22 lr and make it really challenging at 200.

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    Thanks for the reply. I agree that it is a bit much for 200 yd target shooting. That is the max range at my gun club. As for the 25-06, I actually have thought about that because Savage has the 110 FP chambered in it. Which means it has a heavy 26" barrel, synthetic stock, and an oversize bolt handle.

    I don't want to stick more money in my 223 Savage as it is already a model 12 BTV, meaning it has a heavy 26" fluted barrel, oversize bolt handle, and a laminated thumbhole stock. It is a really nice rifle, but my Armalite AR15 will out shoot it, not by much, but it does better it. And since my Armalite is set up for target shooting too, I just wanted a bit more punch. You know, just play around with a new caliber. I reload for everything, and it wouldn't cost hardly any more to shoot the 300 wsm that it does the 308 or 30-06, few pennies per round difference. I am not worried about recoil, as the rifle I am looking at weighs 10 pounds without a scope, so I bet it would be manageable.

    I already do the rifled slug gun thing, as I live in Illinois and deer hunt with one. I could not afford to shoot that for pleasure, with shells costing $3 or more a piece.

    Don't know what I'll do yet, just checking it out.
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    Why not look into a different barrel for your 223. Then you could get something different like a 6x47mm or 6x45mm r something like the 17-223 rem or many other 17 caliber cartridges and wildcats. If you really want to get into a wildcat you could get the 25 uglade 25 Ugalde (25 TCU)

    This would work only if you reload.

    I agree the 308 while a great cartridge is getting to the point of over saturation in the market place.

    The 6mm cartridges will offer better 200 yard performance and less drift from wind.

    6 x 45mm (6mm-223 Remington)
    6x47mm (6mm-222 Remington Magnum)
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    Wildcats have never done much for me as I trade too often. I've seen other rifles in my local shop that are wildcats and they don't bring much. However, the same rifle I am looking at in 300 wsm is also available in 243 Win. so that maybe a good option too.
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    I have a Savage 110 FLP 300 Win Mag and it is a very accurate rifle. I have never cared much for the short magnum calibers,but that's just me. With the factory stock the recoil will punish you,but there are many great aftermarket stocks that will solve that. I bought a Choate Ultimate Varmiter stock and filled the cavities with lead shot,and can shoot all day without ever feeling any recoil,on my heavy handloads it will make the muzzle/bipod raise off the ground but the recoil isn't felt by the shooter.

    It will shoot way better than me,but I shoot under MOA at 100yrds,and have shot 2" groups at 300 with it.

    I'm also thinking about getting one in 25/06 for a Pronghorn gun,and setting it up the same way.

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