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    Does anyone load 130 grain bullets in the 300 Savage? The Speer and the Hornady are definitely not varmint bullets, and loaded at close to 2800fps in my Rem. 722, this bullet should be devistating on deer and hogs.
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    I would stick with the 150 to 165 gr. bullets for those game animals,it's what I use in my Sav. 99 in 300 Sav. Velocity doesn't always equate to a clean kill especially when the bullet used is not really constructed to handle game animals over 130 lbs. like the Hornady and Speer.

    The Sierra 125 gr. Pro Hunter is a good choice for a lightweight 30 cal. bullet that is better constructed and will take game up to 180 lbs. and even better choice is the Barnes 130 grain TSX if you want to go light.

    A good read on 300 Sav. bullets.

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    Ever over spin a bullet and see it turn to a puff a dust out of the barrel?

    What is your barrel twist?
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    The 150 grs. Flat Nose 30-30 bullet shot from a 300 Savage makes a killer load. I have an old Mdl. 99 circa 1950 .300 loaded with these and it often rides in the Jeep floor.;)
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    1 in 10
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    Using a modified Greenhill formula and Hodgdon's reloading data for muzzle velocity, your ideal bullet length for a 1:10 is:

    Muzzle ..... Bullet
    Velocity ... Length
    2300 ........ 1.59
    2400 ........ 1.63
    2500 ........ 1.66
    2600 ........ 1.69
    2700 ........ 1.73
    2800 ........ 1.76

    Twist = 3.5 x MV^0.5 x Dia^2 / BL

    MV is muzzle velocity
    BL is bullet length
    Dia is bullet diameter

    The original Greenhill formula did not have a term for velocity this includes
    velocity and I have found to be a good indicator.

    You can over spin a bullet and loose accuracy and in rare cases actually have
    a bullet pulled apart by the forces. Seen it done with a very short and light
    bullet in a hot 5.56 Nato round.
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    150 gr. Sierra work great in my very old Rem. 760 300 Sav.