.300 or .375 Holland & Holland Magnum

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    Just wondering how many of you shoot either of these cartridges?
    I have a pre-64 Winchester Model 70 in .300 H&H. And I have a
    friend with a Ruger in .375 H&H. But have never seen another
    rifle in those calibers, not that I look all that hard for them either.

    Just thought I would see if there is any interest in them or what
    you hunt with them. The .300 H&H got me started in reloading
    so ammunition availability is not an issue for me and I have a life-
    time supply of brass (500 new cases) that I have not even opened
    the box yet and 200-300 cases that I am currently reloading
    until I where them out.

    For those who do not know the parent cartridge was the .375 H&H
    the .300 is a necked down version. At one point I found a deal
    on 100 .375 H&H cases. I annealled the case mouths and reformed
    them in my .300 Full length dies. Worked well enought as finding them
    on the shelf these days is damn tough.
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  2. oldpapps

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    These are the forgotten cartridges. They have maximum loading that rival most of the newer shot shot cartridges and the re-loader can tailor his load to meet the needs.

    I have and shoot a .375 H&H, Ruger Number 1. For years, until last year when I couldn't hunt at all, used my Ruger for deer hunting. I don't call it over kill, not with 285 grain cast lead at 1865 FPS. My philosophy of One Shot One Kill is enforced with having and using a 'falling block' single shot rifle.

    I think that your 300 H&H would be a better choice, a much better selection of much cheaper bullets. You can go with the extremes, 110 grainer at 34 to 36 hundred FPS and 250 grainers at an easy 2500 FPS or load them back to 30-30 specks with the same bullet.
    Back in the early 70's, .375 brass was a special order ordeal. Now we have on-line suppliers for both brass and bullets.

    Enjoy and be safe.