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300 Weatherby Magnum

Great rifle for Elk bowling ! Long range accuracy and performance.

Needs a muzzle Brake and Limbsaver recoil pad to be comfortable to shoot !

Put a good scope on it...get some Weatherby ammo with the same lot number, sight it in and hunt the rest of your life with it ! Will take any game animal in North America without any problem !


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300 W.

I shoot a 300 ultramag, Remington 700 Sendero 11.
I can't beleave there is to much differance maybe 1 or 2 hundred feet per second one way or the other, the round is just like any other 30 cal, except it is designed to reach out there a little bit farther, or at closer ranges hit a little harder, the ammo is outragious I pay around 70.00 dollares a box after tax and everything, that is for twenty rounds. yours may be more or less, I also have a Weatherby chambered in 30-378 those I pay 129.00 a box at Gander Mountain, so I'm just guessing yours are more than mine not sure, I will tell you this the recoil is so that you don't want to sit down at the bench and run a box with out some sort of recoil reduseing product, I personaly bought a coldwell lead sled, It is worth every dime, you will see what I mean when you shoot it!!! the first 300 ultramag I bought I made the mistake of magnaporting it to reduse recoil it made the thing so loud that it would cause you to flinch just from the report!!! It's not so bad to hunt with as you are only going to shoot a few rounds, but to take out and play with as a shooter It will strait beat the hell out of you, I enjoy reloading so that makes a big differance in cost of shooting, I am on my third barrel now as I shoot alot of long range, I have recorded every shot, and barrel ware is high, I get about 1,600 rounds before any noticable deviation in accuracy, if you are going to use it as a hunter it ought to out last you, to give you an idea of the power these things deliver I was reading an artical the other day about the 300 ultramag and it stated it was the perfect round for stoping cement trucks at 1000 yards, it's true a 180 grain bullet at 1000 yards generates more energy than a 44 magnum at point blank range just something to think about!!! I love mine and will never part with it, I have bought 7mm .375 of the ultramag family also the way I see it is go big or go home!!! To tell you the truth When I'm not playing with these big boys, I just love my .204 Ruger talk about day and night, what a differance!!! Hope this helps.

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Just wondering if it is the same quality rifle you would get at the local gun store. Or do they use different specs for the big box store? I heard most Wal Marts stopped selling firearms.

:confused: Why would they use different "specs" for a box store? More urban legend/net-lore. No gunmaker in their right mind would use looser specs in manufacturing for this. There might be cosmetic differences at most but nothing that would draw the lawyers attention like blood in the water.

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The .300 Weatherby sold at Wall-Mart is...

1. The same quality receiver as Roy Weatherby has always produced. It's very plain, and with a less costly (I don't like to call it 'Cheaper' because it isn't cheap, it's just not as costly and time consuming as Weatherby does on it's premium rifles) finish.
Same material, same heat treatment, same tolerances as the premium rifles.

2. Barrels are made by Kreiger's retail production facility.
They are NOT Kreiger match quality barrels.
A match barrel doesn't have any place on a 'Mountain Weight' hunting rifle anyway...
The Production barrel is very much sufficient for long range, accurate hunting shots.

3. IN MY OPINION, the stock needs some help.
Mine isn't rigid enough and likes to move around, so watch using the sling for a brace when shooting.
You are much better off using a rest and letting the sling hang.

Most people skimp and use aluminum optics mounts.
Get a good set of steel, preferably one piece top rail, mount that will expand and contract with the receiver instead of two little pieces of aluminum that expand & contract at TWICE the rate of steel moving your optics around!

These are pretty darn good barrels right off the assembly line, but they are like every production barrel, and full of metal burrs, scratches, ect.
Clean the crap out of the barrel, Fire a round, clean, fire, clean, ect. for the first 10 Rounds. (should have you optics in roughly by then)
Then shoot two rounds, clean, two, clean, two, clean for the next 10 rounds,
Then Three, clean, 3, clean, 3, clean for the next 9 rounds.

You should be able to get the barrel clean with just two or three patches by then... and the barrel is properly broken in and you are ready to do some serious accuracy zero and hunting...

My barrel has about 1,500 rounds through it and it's doing very well.
Took about 100 rounds for the barrel to reach it's full accuracy and settle in, but when it did, I'm getting 1/2" cold bore shots (with 3 shot fouled barrel) at 300 yards, so I'm very happy!

My barrel, like many others, simply will not tighten up with out some fouling shots, mine is 3, some are as much as five, some guys got lucky with only 1.

Everyone with this rifle is doing very similar, so it's pretty consistent.
(Kreiger doesn't make cheap barrels... Just some are less expensive than others)

I loathe to add weight for anything but optics, but I may stiffen up this stock later...

I did a Alaskan Grizzly this summer at about 550 yards, and the shot simply couldn't have been better, and I credit the rifle!
It didn't go 25 yards, and the shot went exactly where I was aiming, so I'm very pleased with it!
I've also taken WhiteTail, mule deer, Moose and I intend to Elk hunt with it this fall.
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