300 Fireball / Whisper upper

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Txhillbilly, Nov 26, 2008.

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    I was wanting to get a 458 SOCOM and/or a 50 Beowolf upper for my spare lowers,but since the election and the Obama scare that doesn't seem to look good. They are both backordered til who knows when! And the used ones I have seen are totally overpriced or the people bidding on them just have more money than sense.

    I have been buying some of my AR parts and acc from Model 1 Sales from time to time and noticed that they sell the 300 Fireball,but I never gave it much thought,(Me thinking it was just some off the wall wildcat cartridge).
    I Googled the 300 Fireball today,and what I found out about it makes me want to try it out. It was really designed as a subsonic round to be used with suppressors,but they have found it to be a very good round to use supersonic and with all the different 30cal bullets available it could have a wide range of uses. It uses 221 brass that is necked up for 30 cal bullets,but some have found that instead of using 221 brass they can just trim down a 223 case below the neck and then resize the neck and trim to length.

    Does anyone have this caliber? If so how do you like the performance of it,and what do you use it for,Targets,Hunting,etc.. THB
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    You might also want to take a look at the .450 Bushmaster.


  3. Catfish

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    The .300 Fireball was originally called the 300 Whisper and it was designed for a silenced assisian round. It was very popular with handgun silhouette shooters for years. I picked up a Contender barrel chambered in that round last summer and haven`t plaied with it alot, but enough to tell you it is very low recoil and my barrel is very accurate with heavy Lead Head Hard Cast gas checked bullets.
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    Well...if the SOCOM is still in your vision...check here, they still have them...albeit for a few pesos more than they were a month ago...

    458 SOCOM

  5. Txhillbilly

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    Thanks Slowryde,I'll check them out.
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    I see this is a very old thread but I think the .300 Fireball is a very cool caliber. There are many kinds of 30 caliber bullets and even sabots to shoot .224 bullets if you want. I'm going to put one together either on an ar15 or my model 700 Remington.
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    Twenty-three months, three weeks.