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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by watchjonbeep, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. watchjonbeep

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    I am building a 300 blackout pistol for now and waiting on paperwork to sbr it... My question is about optics. I love aimpoint optics but how accurate would an aimpoint be on a 300 black? I know eotech makes one specificity for the 300 so that's why I'm asking...
  2. KingTiger

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    The main purpose of the 300 BLK specific reticles is for shooting subsonics at longer distances. Many people use Micro T-1's on their 300 BLK SBR's, it works very well for that application. Until you get your paperwork back, it's not like you're going after distant targets without a stock.

  3. msup752

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    I have a vortex Strikefire on mine. It is sighted in at 50 yards but I shoot 150 gr super and 220 grain subs out to 200 yards with it. Subs are less common as sub powders are still scarce. Either way, I hit what I aim at with no issues. Subs drop a bit more at 200 but that is an easy head calculation to adjust. I'd wager it is even faster than finding a hold point in a scope under 200 yards.
    Red dots are not precise and I do not get tight groups with mine but all are center mass out to 200.
    If you intend to go past 200 and switch between subs and supers, a 300 Blk tuned optic would be useful.