30 WCF Hornaday Flextip

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    I recently took a nice 1970 era Marlin 336 Saddle carbine in 30 WCF to the range. Had on the self-a box or two of those new Federal Fusion’s, and Hornaday Flextip, I was impressed with both; but the Hornaday tripped my trigger. With a 1.5X5X32 MM scope I mounted on her Here is a target with 6 rounds for score @ 100 yards; I would say that would be a dead deer, fixing on letting a new hunter use her. Anyone have the same results with this ammo; and what about the ability to perform on the game, did it take them out quickly? The 30 WCF is on the Right, the other target is from my 1953 vintage Marlin Saddel carbine in 35 Rem; with handloaded 200 grain roundnose. IT was a BAD windy day, gusts were up to 30+ MPH

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