30 round mag blocking to 15 in nj

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  1. Pbmaster2k89

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    Is it legal to buy a 30 round pmag rebuild kit with 15 round block in nj?
    Can i buy a 30 round mag, block it to 15 and pin it myself?
  2. kaido

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    I'm not sure how it is in the states, but I know we can do that in Canada. So long as the magazine is blocked with either a rivet at a certain location or a stoping device of sorts, it's legal.

    Best thing for you to do would be to ask a lawyer or someone in your area who would know for sure if its allowable for you.

  3. Jpyle

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    Not legal to possess the 30 rnd mag in NJ...body is considered the mag I believe so pulling the guts out doesn't save you. Have you looked for the pmag 15/30s or 10/20s, they are 10 or 15 rounders built from a 20 or 30 round body. About $30 if you can find them but they shouldn't be as hard to find as the 20 and 30 rounders, nobody is looking to hoard 10 or 15 round mag.


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