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    First off, hey, how yall doin? I have been lurking for a while, and found the answers to all my problems so far, so thanks for that.

    I am loading for a 30-30 WIN using hornedy 150 grain flat nose. The OAL cart length I am pressing to is 2.53 (book says max is 2.55). I am trying to work my loads up and new to reloading. I loaded 5 carts and 3 of them did as shown it the attached picture. What am i doing wrong? I was thinking that the bullet grove might be catching on the brass and bulging it out, but i dunno. Should i not press it down so much? I aint gonna shoot it, thats for sure!!

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    Welcome here. I don't reload, so I can't help. But someone should be along shortly to help you out.

    Post a hello in the new members introduction area while you're out and about. :cool:

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    Are you using "once fired" brass or has this brass been reloaded several times? The problem you are having could be due to brass that is too long and in need of trimming, but I suspect your seating die is screwed too far into the press. When you install your seating die, first you unscrew the depth adjuster a few turns so you don't excessively seat the bullet on the first try, then place a case in the shell holder and raise the ram. Screw the seating die in until you feel it barely contact the case mouth. If a crimp is deired, screw the die in an additional 1/4 turn, then tighten the lock ring. Lower the ram and place a bullet in the case mouth then raise the ram. Lower the ram and check the seating depth - if it needs to be seated deeper, screw in the depth adjuster in small increments, NOT THE DIE - repeat this until you achieve the desired depth. It appears that your die is screwed in to the press too far, or your cases need trimming. If you are using Lee dies, this procedure is very quick and easy.
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    The brass may be to long. You definately have the seater/crimp die screwed in too far for that case. If 40% are not like this you probably have a length problem.

    Max case length is 2.039" Trim length is 2.028"

    Try to keep all cases the same length so the crimp operation is consistent from round to round. Wildly varying crimps will cause variances in pressures, velocity and ultimately accuracy.
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    You have one or two problems.

    I think your brass is too long and cupple that with a canlured bullet you are seating too deap. You need to seat to the canalure on the bullet with a slight bit of roll crimp (Your dies already do it if adjusted right. Trim to the length that robo gave and try that with seating the canalure should solve all your problems.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Looks to me like the bullet is seated too deep for the crimp process as well. Back off the seating die. Doesn't appear that the crimp is into the cannelure. My 2c.
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    Thanks all, sorry been so long to reply. Been working the crap out of me at the job. I will try all the above and post back.

    They are 1x fired brass.

    Thanks again!