30.06 vs .308

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by Natie, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Natie

    Natie New Member

    Witch do you think is the best?

    Personally i think its the person behind the rifle.
  2. danf_fl

    danf_fl Retired Supporter

    Which do I think is best?

    It depends on the application. I have and enjoy both.

    (Why did you post in the Suggestions area? This would get more responses in either Ammo or Rifle sections.)

  3. KeysKelly

    KeysKelly New Member

    Which do you think is better, Ford or Chevy?
  4. JohnJak

    JohnJak New Member

    The best for what?
  5. mdauben

    mdauben New Member

    Best at what?

    From a purely ballistics point of view I'd give it to the 30-06, although it's close.

    Better in a short, handy rifle I'd give it to the .308

    Better for bigger game (large bears, Canadian moose) I might pick the .30-06 fore the ability to handle slightly heavier bullets.

    In a semiauto or selective fire rifle the .308 might be better.

    So, better at what? ;)
  6. GaMatt72

    GaMatt72 New Member

    It just depends on what you are doing with it. Hunting or just target shooting? For what I hunt I like the 308. But you may hunt something bigger then a whitetail. That is all I hunt.
  7. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    hmmm... which is best? Ford vs. Chevy. tea vs. coffee. vanilla vs. chocolate. on and on. so many different variables, that there is no clear cut answer to this debate. when i compare the two, i think of it this way, the 308 is just the 30-06's little brother!
  8. cottontop

    cottontop Guest


    Ditto that, but I'll add that the .308 can still do what the big brother can do.
  9. oldpapps

    oldpapps New Member

    That's simple.
    The 30.06 is best for my Garands.
    The .308 is best for my M1A.

    Beyond that, it's a matter of choice and use.
  10. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    the only advantage i see is that the 30-06 can use the heavier bullets at a little longer ranges than the 308 due to case capacity. but the 308 is better somewhat due to less recoil.

    ballistics wise, they are very close, with the 308 having an edge due to less felt recoil, and the 30-06 having a slight edge when using heavier bullets. though both could be interchanged if one wanted to do so. personally i like both, that's why i have both!
  11. fmj

    fmj Active Member

    308 and 30-06 are ballisticaly exact @100 yds.
  12. 303tom

    303tom Well-Known Member

    You said it right, I have rifles in .308/7.62x51 & I have rifles in .30-06/7.62x63 & more than a dozen other calibers, I probably use the .308/7.62x51 more than any other, but have to admit at range the .308 can`t do what the .30-06 can do. Just like axxe55 says the .308 is just a .30-06 lite...............
  13. tiberius10721

    tiberius10721 New Member

    You answered your own question it is the person behind the rifle. I cant count how many times I've been to the pistol or rifle range where I would hear people complain about how innacurate their pistol or rifle was and if they only had a different caliber or brand of rifle or pistol they would be shooting better. A couple of times I have offered to check their firearm out for them by firing a few rounds and have found every time it was the shooter. My deer rifle is a Remington 700 bdl custom deluxe chambered in 30-06 I love this gun but sometimes I wish I had bought a 308 or a 270 because of the recoil.
  14. Axxe55

    Axxe55 The Apocalypse Is Coming.....

    Tiberius, truer words were never spoken in regards to that. the most expensive and most accurate rifle will not conpensate for a poor shooter. many wish they could shoot better and think some other different caliber or rifle will suddenly make them a better shooter. bull malarkey! until the shooter fixes his problems, no rifle or caliber is going to make them all of a sudden a better shooter. they need to concentrate on the fundamentals first and only then will they become better shooters. i have many different rifles in different calibers and yes some are a little more accurate than others. but i also reload, so i try to find an optimum load for each one.

    personally i find the recoil on my 308 very pleasant. also i have two older M700 ADL's, one in 30-06 and the other in 270, both are almost identical and the 270 has more felt recoil than the 30-06. i also have a newer synthetic stocked M700 ADL in 7mm Rem. Mag. that even feels like it has less felt recoil than the 30-06! go figure that one out!
  15. Deuce

    Deuce New Member

    The military used the 30.06 until they came out with the .308 and now its the marine corps standard sniper rifle round and use a .50 for long range and anti armor application but now are considering the .338 lapua.

    But me personally I've always liked the .308 for its all around capabilities killing hogs, deer, and whatever else I decide. Its personal preference really what do you feel more comfortly with more than anything.
  16. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    Using factory loads, there's very little difference, except the .30-06 is available with heavier bullets.

    If you handload for a modern rifle, the .30-06 beats out the .308 by roughly 200 FPS with all bullet weights.

    Factory .30-06 is loaded to ~48K CUP
    Factory .308 is loaded to ~54-55K CUP

    Handloads are loaded to equal pressure, and the old 06 holds more powder.
  17. Natie

    Natie New Member

    Thank you very much for all your insets. Its a regular discussion in south africa. I have a remington 700 and it fits all my needs. I shoot from jackals up to elands with it. Im going to start to reload my own cartriges soon and then ill get the perfect cartridge for my needs aswell
  18. gunnut07

    gunnut07 New Member

    I myself would give it to the 308 for a few reasons.

    1. Ballistics are almost identical until you get way out there or up to 200+ gr bullets.
    2. The 308 is a slightly more accurate round to begin with.
    3. There is by far more 308 ammo out now than 30-06 with the surplus for the 06 drying up fast and the 308 surplus still coming.
    4. The 308 can be used in a short action which can and dose save you some weight and offers a more ridged action for a precision rifle.