.30-06 loads with RL19 Nosler Ballistic Tip 165gr

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    Looking for suggestions on where to start for a load with RL19, using just Winchester brass and loading Nosler Ballistic tip 165 grain bullets. First time using the powder and want to do it right. I was thinking starting out at 53gr and moving up by increments of 1/2. So like 53 through 55.5. At least from what I've read. Any thoughts on this and do you think it would be fine?
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    It's always best to look at the books that have loads for your bullets, either by powder makers or bullet makers. Alliant Powder online has a warning about lower charge rates, so you really need to check the range of charge rates before starting at what you have mentioned.

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    get a couple of load data books and start with their starting powder charges for that powder. that powder is pretty common and a couple of mine have many loads using that powder.

    start off at the lowest powder charge and work you way up slowly. my Speer #14 manual shows a starting charge of 55.0 grains, and maximum charge of 59.0 grains. i would suggest if wanting a reduced charge type load, using a powder that is recommended for such usage in that cartridge. mine shows using powder SR 4759 for a reduced load with that weight of bullet. some powders are not acceptable to use for reduced power loads.

    safety first. follow the load data recommendations.


    in the charge weight column, those are the recommended maximum powder charges to use.

    if you don't own any load data books, buy some. buy at least a couple of different ones. i have at least nine or ten of them i keep on the shelf next to my reloading equipment. if you are strictly relying upon the internet and the powder and bullet websites, yes they are a very good source for data, but what do you do if your computer, or smart phone has crapped out, or the internet goes on the fritz? that's why i will always have books for back up. and i will continue to keep buying books.
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    Awesome this really helps and yeah the books definitely seem the best way to go about it. Thanks!
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    Reloader 21 or 25 would be a much better powder for the 30/06 and a bullet of that weight. Reloader 19 is a little faster burning powder,the 06 will get better velocities and performance from a slower burning powder.