.30-06 and russian sks

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    went to the range this morning with my .30-06 (the same one from my last range report- here) and a russian made sks that belongs to a friend that i am holding on to while he's out of town.

    1] .30-06- remington target/varmit loads with 150 grain mc bullets at 100 yards with wooden block rest:


    not really that much tighter than my last targets, but a little more consistent.

    2] russian sks- 7.62x39 fmjbt 124 grain lead core steel case at the same 100 yards with the same wooden block rest:


    i'd like to blame the erratic shooting on the crappy trigger (it is the factory original one from 1954), but i'll admit it was partially my fault too. when i shoot these semi auto assault rifles i tend to rush a little and not take the time to aim as well.

    however, in my defense, this ain't exactly supposed to be a tack driver rifle. if i was using it for it's intended purpose (shooting at a person) almost all shots would have been decent hits.

    not a bad way to spend a monday morning while everyone else is at work. sometime having a night job ain't so bad :D
  2. CA357

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    Nobody would want to stand in front of those rifles. ;)

    Take your time and keep practicing, you'll be amazed at how your groups tighten up. :cool:

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    Hey Guy,

    Went back and read your other range report on your rifle and have a suggestion. First when shooting a rifle or handgun with open sights try sighting it in using a 6 o'clock hold so the sight does not cover the target.
    If you are not familiar with the term as you look down the sights place the target right on top of the front sight as if it is floating there. You will be able to get a complete sight picture and you should not worry about where you will hit at other distances if you sight in correctly at 100 yards elevation for any given load is available online or a lot of times on back of the box.
    Second thing is that you mentioned that you were using a wooden block as a rest if you can toss it out or pad it up.
    Whenever you rest hard surface against hard surface as soon as you pull the trigger the vibrations start going down the barrel/stock. You may not notice it but it makes the rifle move everywhere and since there is no system to it shots go haywire. Always remember hard to soft, pad the forearm, it doesnt take much to take the vibration out of the picture.
    Hope this helps.
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    on that target i was talking about in the other post (the one that the bead covered the whole black part of the target) i was going for the six o'clock hold, it was just hard as that big black area was a tiny speck in the distance so i was having a hard time holding the front bead steady with like a 1/2 millimeter sliver of black over the top of it.

    also, i didn't mean a piece of wood that i picked up off the ground or something. the range i go to has the wooden blocks that are covered in carpeting of various heights on the lanes for people that don't have stands or bi-pods to use.

    but i'm not trying to sound smug or ungrateful for advice, seriously i'm not.

    now that i think about it the way i put it your advice seems totally correct. i am just to lazy to over explain as my typing is slow and laborious with my "hunt and peck" typing style. :)

    but like i said, i do appreciate any advice on here, that is why i posted these range reports, to get feedback about how i was doing and advice for improvement so thanks for taking the time to respond. (again, no sarcasm, i mean it)
  5. Laufer

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    Are those targets about 18" wide?

    The few which I shoot are those peel-off round black plastic.
    Or are most rifle targets made to the same overall diameters or widths?

    I mostly shoot down from a river bank, into bricks on the mud and rocks.
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  6. jbshoots

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    the targets with the 4 orange dots around the bull are 9x14 they are the ones they give you when you sign in at the range.

    the ones with the orange box around the bull are 12x12 that i had at home.

    they are both your basic 100 yard sight in targets with each block being 1 inch high and 1 inch wide. i think a lot of targets use the 1 inch increments (one inch blocks or one inch between rings of a circular target) because most rifle scopes are around 4 clicks to about an inch when adjusting. i wasn't using a scope but that is how the targets are designed.

    they do have other ones though. i know i've seen .22 targets that were only a couple of inches wide at most with rings that were close together and i'm sure there are others, but for basic rifle targets, like i said, i think one inch increments are pretty standard.

    i've used the peel and stick targets too and the rings were about and inch apart also.
  7. Viking

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    Is the range outside or in? If it's outside and as cold as down here in S.W. Oregon I'd say you didn't do too bad considering the finger freezing weather we have.
  8. collegekid20

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    I have shot a chinese made sks and had similar results. they aren't super accurate, but they get the job done. good overall rifles
  9. skullcrusher

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    Good honest report. :D I will say this, take any of the targets and hold them up to your chest with the bull dead center on your heart. Can you think of any of those shots at 100 yds not dropping a bad guy or large game? Me either. :D

  10. jbshoots

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    it's outdoor, but for the second time trough those sights i'm happy. when i get better results i will post for sure.

    like i said, i can't totally blame that trigger, but it is a factor. add to that the fact that i tend to go more rapid fire with a semi auto and it adds to my being so far off target. the gun was made in 1954 though. i have a chance to buy it, but i'm weighing my cash on hand to how much i want it right now. it's still up in the air...

    i totally agree.

    but at the same time i will try to improve my groupings....it will just take time. eventually i think i can get 2 inch groups or less with that gun, it will just take some practice...