30-06 ammo for my M1 Garand

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  1. bobalo59

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    Do I have to use surplus ammo in my M1 Garand, or can I buy comercial ammo, and will that hurt the gas operating system due to more power?
  2. M1Anut

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    Hornady is making ammo just for the M1 now, I believe.

  3. markw2011

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    You can absolutely use commercial ammo.
  4. M1Anut

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    I was thinking that factory ammo had a higher chamber pressure and would damage the oprod? But I'm no expert, I have just always shot surplus ammo and reloads in mine.
  5. Sniper03

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    As M-1 stated I am certainly no expert either! But a good friend of mine is. In fact he builds match rifles and has a massive M-1 Garand and M-1 Carbine collection among other military relics. He has advised me that the operating rod on the M-1 Garand can be damaged by some modern ammunition. This because it is due to the burn rates of the newer powders that some of the manufacturers are using. A pressure spike otherwise! However there is a solution to this issue. Brownells as well as Midway USA sells adjustable Gas Screws for the M-1 Garand. And as M-1 stated, Hornady is making ammunition for the M-1 Garand with the correct powders and pressure ranges. In general the velocity should be a max of 2800 FPS shooting a 150 Grain Bullet which they were designed for with the correct pressure spike range. The 168s can be shot in the Garand as long as the velocity and correct powders are used and then velocity is 2600 FPS up to a max of 2800. Bottom line I do not want to shoot any ammunition that has any potential of damaging any of my M-1s. There certainly is ammunition for them still available through CMP and other ammunition sources.
    It is not worth the gamble to me to take a chance! And of course you could load your own to specifications in the future.

    Good Luck!
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  6. 25-5

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    30-06 Black Hills Gold
    168gr Hornady Match 2700 fps 2913 ft lbs
    168gr Hornady A-Max 2750 fps 2821 ft lbs
  7. techiej

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    Get the M1 specific ammo, the CMP surplus or reload your own! I reload 30-06 and it is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying ammo.
  8. locutus

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    The M-1 has a low pressure gas port near the end of the barrel. IMR4895 was specifically formulated for it. Pressure has dropped before the bullet passes the gas port.

    Modern sporting ammo uses slower burning powders, more in the 4350-4831 range and pressure is still unacceptably high when the bullet passes the gas port. This will damage the op rod with continued use.

    I would not use commercial hunting loads in my M-1 unless it was stated on the box that the ammo was safe for Garands.
  9. Orlando

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    Hornady and Federal both make a Garand compatible commercial round
    You can shoot commercial of the shelf 30.06 ammo if you use a adjustable gas screw
    Best deal in town is CMP's surplus M2ball ammo