3 shootings, 6 hours

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    Sydney erupts with 3 shootings in 6 hours


    Chelsea White

    The Daily Telegraph

    August 02, 2010 12:00AM

    A YOUNG man is dead and two others injured after a spate of shootings across Sydney yesterday.

    A man, believed in his late twenties, was gunned down in broad daylight in a suburban park in Greenacre.

    The man was shot several times under a picnic shelter in Roberts Park, near Waterloo and Napoleon Streets at 4.20pm.

    One resident said he saw a group of young men run from the park immediately after the shooting.

    "They looked like teenagers or in their early twenties," the resident, who did not want to be named, said.

    "I don't know how they did it there would have been people in the park, it was still daylight."

    The resident said on hearing of the shooting, the dead man's friends rushed to the park but it was too late.

    Roberts Park has a notorious reputation in the area as yesterday's shooting was the third time someone has been shot there in less than three weeks.

    Last month two men were shot during a brawl at the park.

    Just over an hour after the Greenacre shooting, a 16-year-old boy was shot in the leg outside Rockdale Railway Station in Sydney's south around 5.45pm.

    Police are still investigating the incident but it is understood the teen may have been targeted in a drive-by style shooting.

    The 16-year-old was last night in a stable condition.

    The third shooting occurred at 10.25pm in Bossley Park in Sydney's west.

    Police were called to home on Wallaby Close after reports a 23-year-old man had been shot.

    When police and ambulance officers arrived the man had already been taken to Fairfield Hospital in a private vehicle.

    Police were last night interviewing the man to try to piece together how he was shot in the arm and chest.

    Sydney erupts with 3 shootings in 6 hours | The Daily Telegraph

    So here we go...expect the usual round of 'OMG evil handgunz better ban than them allll!' standard of rhetoric :rolleyes: Bit more serious than usual since the Greens are going to get Senate control in the upcoming election probably...and on Saturday the shooting community tragically lost one of our two Shooters Party MPs, Roy Smith who died unexpectedly in his sleep. A tireless advocate for our sport and someone who could always calmly and consisely cut through the Green/anti bullsh1t, no mean feat to keep your temper there. RIP, Roy :(

    To the police forces' credit, their spokesman rebutted all the media suggestions that the laws need a radical crackdown, by pointing out not only that the current statute is extremely stringent, but that OBVIOUSLY criminals are not following them plus pretty much all crime is committed with illegal firearms.

    Nothing succeeds like populist kneejerk scare-mongering though, does it? I notice this morning that there's a new campaign to get our range closed down, AGAIN. To be turned into a 'national park where people can walk their dogs'...after being an industrial waste dump + lead-filled range since 1850-something? Yeah real good idea.

    If that happens I can say goodbye to shooting, period.
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    I'm sure all those involved in the shootings must have went through the 9 month waiting period and backround checks etc. to be able to own a gun in the first place. How else would they ever be able to get one?:rolleyes: *sarcasm*

    Of course when you outlaw firearms, the only people to own them are outlaws.
    Feel bad for you zhuk, It's never made much sense to disarm the law-abiding citizens.

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    Bummer, Zhuk. I have friends in AU that are serious shooters and feel your pain.

    You are always welcome here (USA).
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    Appreciate the support guys. Can only hope all this stuff kinda blows over; but you can never tell in the throes of an election campaign can you?

    Just wanted to put this up here, as a tribute to Roy Smith. I met him at the SSAA Sydney branch AGM in June, and he was such a down-to-earth staunch worker for our sport and all-round nice guy, with so much enthusiasm & determination to get a decent deal for shooters, the ultimate maligned minority. To keep a level head when the Greens shrilly publicised the sort of crap they frequently do ie "300,000 hand-machineguns in people's glove boxes" (wtf?) was a real credit to him. We had a minutes silence for him during our usual military dedication on the rifle firing line last Sunday. Great loss indeed.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxSBCigQMUE]YouTube - Shooter's Party - SHOT Expo[/ame]
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    Damn zhuk, that is just awful news and doesn't bode well for your countries' gun future.

    We need to get you out of there my brother, you are too firearms oriented to spend the rest of your life without them. :(

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    Oh this is great news for us gun nuts just before an election isn't it?! Sorry to hear about your range, my thinking would be to buy some cheap land if possible and start focussing on your rifles..

    Hey, I hear northern NSW is a pretty good spot ;)
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    Yeah, and it gets (possibly) worse. Don't know if it's just an unnerving coincidence, but today the Federal Govt (ie bloody Peter Garrett & Gillard) handed over parts of Malabar to the National Parks & Wildlife Service. Hell, as if there wasn't enough parks/bush for the public to walk in now :rolleyes:

    They talk about "environmental heritage" sites...effing hell what about the "heritage" that is our national history? The fact that the generations who fought at Anzac Cove/Gallipoli/Tobruk/Kokoda/Nui Dat trained here...on the ground I stand on every weekend? That everytime we shoot on the range we dedicate that day's competition to the memory of a specific battle commemorating those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation so that we might live in unoccupied freedom today?

    My club has been operating in its present form at ANZAC since 1923, and the range itself has been in existence in one form or another since the 1850s, and is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere. Isn't that history?

    Makes me kinda sick to tell the truth...sorry but I'm just a bit effing riled up atm :mad:

    National Parks decision sparks rifle range concerns

    By Sally Block

    An environment group has welcomed a decision to turn parts of a Sydney headland over to National Parks, but has raised concerns about a nearby shooting range.

    Two areas of the Malabar Headland have been handed to the National Parks and Wildlife Service by the Federal Government.

    The Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett made the announcement yesterday.

    The Friends of Malabar Headland have been campaigning for more than a decade to have it become a national park and say they welcome the decision.

    But a spokesman for the group, Peter Ryan says they will be asking for the Anzac Rifle Range in the centre of the new park, to be moved.

    "It's incompatible land use with shooting ranges and public access behind those shooting ranges," he said.

    "We'll be asking what's the status on finding an alternative site to enable the national park area to be gazetted and allowing public access."

    Mr Ryan says a lot of people do not realise the area is accessible to the public and are put off by the shooting clubs that use the rifle range there.

    One of those clubs is the Sporting Shooters Association of Sydney.

    Its President Rob Carnell says the area has been used for shooting practise since the Boer War. He says there are at least 20 shooting clubs that use it now and he says so far, no-one has been injured.

    Mr Carnell says there are plenty of warning signs and it is not dangerous.

    He says they even share their area with a horse riding school.

    "There are some other clubs that work there," he said.

    "There's a model aeroplane club, there's a trail riding club, a horse riding school that actually is on the range and we work around them so that we don't shoot when they're around and vice versa.

    "So I don't anticipate any issues at all."

    The National Parks and Wildlife Service says the rifle range area is not being handed over to the State Government at this time and is staying with the Federal Government.

    A spokesman for the Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett says the rifle range is the subject of discussions with the New South Wales Government.

    Rob Carnell says he could imagine governments would love to sell the land that makes up the shooting range.

    "I can anticipate a government that would love to get their hands on that piece of land and re-develop it and sell it as waterfront property to make a fortune."

    But he says after more than one hundred years of shooting on the site the cost of cleaning it up for housing would be prohibitive.

    National Parks decision sparks rifle range concerns - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Trying not to get all 'conspiracy-theory' about it & think that the anti-forces are sticking the knives in now that the Shooters Party will most likely lose their balance of power in the NSW Upper House, now Roy has passed on...

    But your thoughts start to get a bit wild under these kind of circumstances :rolleyes:

    I've been told that details of the lease agreement NSWRA has Commonwealth Govt regarding the range state that if it is to be closed, a suitable replacement within the Sydney basin must be found before any shooters are kicked off it. Trouble is, there's only one area within Sydney which could house centrefire rifles up to 800m...and that's Holsworthy army base.

    Understandably, the ADF said "not bloody likely!" to that suggestion!

    Cessnock & HillTop near Bowral have also been suggested, but that's hardly anywhere even vaguely near Sydney. I could never travel that far every weekend anyway.

    If we did all have to get off the range, I would have to give up my licence/s in any case, as my "genuine and legal reason" would be null & void. Guess you can always buy my safes if that happens, Aus...just for god's sake stay up in Queensland, OK? lol
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    Hold on, what am I saying? It's the freakin Labor Party!

    Getting a cheap shot in while the Shooters have to deal with the death of their sitting member...ie their usual dirty-tricks MO.

    Paranoia has nothing to do with it.
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    Not good, zhuk, not good at all. I hope the knee jerk reaction can be reeled in before any more laws can be laid on you. It also sounds like your countries politics are as bad as they are here.