3" mag 12 ga Browning

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    I have a friend of mine who is selling a 1978 Browning 12 ga 3" mag with 32" vent rib barrel, how much do you guys think its worth, he wont give me a price, and i really dont know what to offer! [​IMG]
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    The 32" bbl likely has a full choke. That is not the best idea for steel shot. Allegedly the Belgian A-5's should not be used with steel shot (I don't know about the other non-toxics like bismuth or hevishot). A 32" bbl is best used on geese over decoys. Limited usefulness as a field gun, IMHO.

    If you are looking for a waterfowl gun, check with Browning about the suitablility of non-toxic shot and offer him $300-350 Max. The gun looks to be in good condition but not collector grade.