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Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by DMac, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. DMac

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    Anyone out there who regularly shoots in 3 gun matches? I'm starting from basically square one, but think it would be a good way to force myself to train with a bunch of different types of guns.
  2. 00BUSA

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    In the same boat...

    Thanks for posing the question DMac.

    My club just started offering 3 Gun. I understand that the concept it to use a handgun, shotgun and a carbine. That's all I got so far. Like you, I am hoping someone can chime in with how these formats are run (do you transition or is it more of a stag 1 is pistols, stage 2 is shotgun, etc.?) What are the limitations? Is it production vs. modified, like the others?

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    I've never heard of the 3 gun competitions. here is a cool video i found

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iM6CvLHYxtk]YouTube - 2008 Fort Benning 3-Gun Match Stage 7[/ame]
  4. LotzORemmies

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    From what I know, most modz are ok. My buddy builds AR's for himself and others that do three gun. He also makes his living off of these competitions which usually cost a grand to enter and payout pretty damn well.
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    I have been a participant of 3 gun matches for 3.5 yrs:

    1. Guns and gear. It all depends on the club/affiliations/rules etc.
    If you are participating at a local club, most likely you will be able to dress as u wish. Most guys have tactical gear that wants to try out so they wear that. Some dress normal. It up to u. If the club is affiliated with associations (idpa.uspsa.etc) they might some rules about it.

    Same trend. If affiliated I will not know about rules on what can u put or not on your guns. I used to participated with a bunch of local guys in Las Vegas. Very relax atmosphere.

    2. Stages. It all depends on the main guys or 3 gun match head honcho. There is times where u can use 2 guns @ the time. Example shotgun, pistol/ rifle pistol. Sometimes is just single stages. One bay for pistol, one for shotgun, one for rifle.

    It is fun fun fun. I recommend 3 gun matches to anybody. U get to learn about the gear u bought or how necessary are those accesories on that rifle. Go and enjoy them as much as u can. Hope this help. :)
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    It's a little like the wild west meets the terminator. 3 gun consists of pistol, rifle then shot gun all on the same stage, First you use pistol at 8 targets, then rifle at 2 and shotgun at two.

    There is also 2 gun which is pistol then rifle.

    The divisions are:

    Open Handgun and Open Aggregate
    Limited Handgun and Limited Aggregate
    Heay Metal Aggregate (Multigun Only)
    Tactical Aggregate (Multigun Only)

    These type of matches are USPSA/IPSC
    Here is their website: United States Practical Shooting Association

    Good Luck