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    There's been a few discussions about Taurus firearms (issues) lately in this section. Most of what you hear is about the lack of quality control, inconsistent product, poor customer service and cosmetic defects. But there are still those out there that will claim their Taurus out shoots other comparable revolvers from more reputable manufactures.

    By now, everyone interested in purchasing a firearm (maybe even considering a Taurus) has probably heard at least one negative review about Taurus' products and probably knows that they are taking a gamble by trying one.

    So my question is this:
    With so many good quality used revolvers (Rugers and Smiths) available for prices close to that of a new Taurus. . .

    Give me 3 good reasons why you would want to lay down a few hundred of your hard earned $$$ for the purchase of a Taurus firearm.
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    1. 6-shot 38 Special J frame size model 856.
    2. Ummmm
    3. Ummmm

    OK, one good reason...

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    I used to work part time at a gun shop. On occasion if I'm in there and they're really busy, I'll still step behind the counter and help out. So, this is from a credible source. The shop will not carry Taurus because of all the QC and customer service issues. It's not worth the bad PR and lousy word of mouth that comes from selling an inferior product.

    We all know that lemons happen and any manufacturer can make a bad product on occasion. However, Taurus seems to turn out crap on a regular basis and has problems making them right.
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    I just can't for the life of me figure out why anyone would pay for something that they have been warned against over and over and over, as being a bad investment.

    When I hear negative personal experiences and book/magazine reviews and can just feel the tool's lack of durability and strength and can see the absence of craftsmanship, there is no warranty, bargain or convenience attribute that would allow myself to overlook all of the many flaws.

    I'm just trying to understand. C'mon lets hear some more!
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    1. Buying used from a friend and I *know* the performance of *that* particular gun.

    2. Seller throws in a free NIB Glock. :D

    3. OK, I couldn't come up with three.