3 Environmental Conservation Groups filed a lawsuit against EPA on lead ammo

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    FYI! Here we go again, EPA said no and now the left-wing nut jobs are heading to court! Why is always California lawyers who stir the pot?

    The Santa Barbara Independent Enviros Sue EPA Over Lead

    Three environmental conservation groups filed a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on 11/23, alleging the federal agency has failed to adequately protect wildlife from the dangers of lead in ammunition and fishing gear, which the groups say sicken and kill millions of animals nationwide every year.

    The EPA had denied a petition filed in August asking it to regulate ammo and gear made with the toxic alloy, saying it lacked the authority to do so.

    Conservation groups contend it does and that EPA officials have been wrongfully swayed by powerful lobbying groups like the National Rifle Association.

    Santa Barbara’s Anthony Prieto of Project Gutpile—a group of hunters that spreads the gospel of lead-free hunting and angling—said, “Having hunted in California for 20 years, I have seen firsthand lead poisoning impacts to wildlife … Although many more sportsmen are now getting the lead out, the EPA must take action to ensure we have a truly lead-free environment.”
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    We need to find out how much chlorine they pour in their damned swimming pools. Don't those dumb a$$es know that evaporates and destroys the Ozone Layer!!

    What about all the lead in those brass hash pipes? Let's also get rid of the salt in their water softener!! God, I hope they're not wearing leather shoes....Those poor animals!! don't they buy that imported water in plastic bottles?

    This back door gun ban sh!t piSSes me off!!

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    I agree Dunerunner, seems like much of Californy is occupied by liberal hippy douches. I'm just glad that the EPA has already made a decision on this topic . Got lucky, that was an easy one:rolleyes:

    BTW, as I understand it thislead problem has been extensively studied over the years and there is no scientific evidence to prove these fish died from lead poisening? Same went for birds & mammals
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    These idiots are like the gheys, they just keep pushing and won't shut up. They figure eventually people will give in or someone will be sick on vote day and the thing will pass.
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    Lead is mined from the ground to start with and all Hunters and target shooters are doing is putting it back where it came from to begin with. But if we all switch to depleted Uranium bullets we could save the environment.