3 dead armed robbers

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    Robbery gone bad (for the robbers) in Houston. Store owner used handgun to put one down and fight his way to his shotgun, then finished the fight dropping the other two.

    khou.com staff
    Posted on December 17, 2010 at 12:49 PM
    Crime scene photos: 3 robbery suspects shot
    3 robbery suspects shot, killed during jewelry store holdup
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    HOUSTON – Police on Friday identified two of three robbery suspects who were gunned down by a jewelry store owner in east Houston Thursday afternoon, and investigators said there may be a fourth suspect who got away.

    Around 2 p.m. Thursday, police said Nelson Tambora-Ramiro, 21, Onilton Castillano, 38, and a still-unidentified third suspect were killed when they attempted to rob the Castillo Jewelry store in the 4500 block of Canal Street.

    Investigators said two of the suspects posed as customers, and as store owners Ramon and Eva Castillo were assisting them, the third suspect entered the store, pulled out a gun and announced it was a robbery.

    One of the other two suspects also pulled out a pistol, and the three forced the Castillos into the office area of the store.

    Police said the suspects started tying Eva Castillo up and told Ramon Castillo to put his hands behind his back.

    But Mr. Castillo used that opportunity to reach into his back waistband, pull out his pistol and shoot one of the suspects.

    Police said the other two suspects started shooting at Ramon Castillo, who returned fire as he made his way to a shotgun he kept in the store.

    Once he got the shotgun, police said Mr. Castillo killed the two remaining suspects.

    Ramon Castillo suffered critical gunshot wounds to his stomach, shoulder and legs and was taken to Memorial Hermann Hospital. He’s expected to survive.

    Eva Castillo was not injured.

    Investigators said a possible fourth suspect, who may have been acting as the getaway driver, got away in a gold, square-body, four-door sedan from the early 90s – possibly a Nissan or a Toyota.

    At the scene of the robbery, police said Mr. Castillo’s courage saved his wife’s life.

    "You have a store owner who protected his wife and protected himself," said HPD spokesperson Kese Smith. "Who knows what they were going to do after this? They are very fortunate."

    "It is an incredible story – a man clearly defending his business, clearly defending his wife and himself," HPD Det. Fil Waters said.

    Neighbors called Ramon Castillo a hero. They said their area is overrun with criminals, and Thursday’s robbery wasn’t the first time Ramon Castillo’s business has been targeted.

    "It’s about time he did something about it," neighbor Theresa Arellano said.

    "He was waiting for them this time. They didn’t get away. What can I say? I feel bad for the families, but when you play rough there are bad things that can happen," another neighbor said.

    Yet another neighbor, who would not provide a name, said the suspects got what they deserved.

    "Criminals pack guns, but they’re not the only ones. They gotta realize that, gotta always remember that, there’s gonna be a time when it’s gonna be their time. Not only the ones they try to rob," he said.

    Police were asking anyone with information on this case or the whereabouts of the fourth suspect to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-8477 or HPD Homicide at 713-308-3600.
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    Good!!! We won't have to waste money housing those idiots.

    $10 on Nissan Stanza as the getaway; gold was a popular color for those about that time.

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    Glad to see that he is expected to survive. I also like the comments of the neighbors. Good to hear that Eva was not harmed. Who knows what would have happened, but I bet the thieves would have killed the couple considering that they did not hide their identities. Ramon did the right thing, and the world is a better place because of his actions. I hope they catch the getaway driver and charge him with attemped robbery and attempeted murder.
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    double or nothing on a low-rider with velour seat covers and a 2000 watt sound system...:D
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    No, in Texas the driver can be charged with Capital Murder and given the needle. Yes, that's right Capital Murder. And Houston/Harris County accounts for the lions share of death row occupants.
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    your post is mis-labeled. thats a really good outcome. both victims are alive 3 out of 4 scum dead. its just sad the store owner had to be wounded but he did the right thing.
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    I'm glad the store owner got them but it's sad he was wounded in the process. Maybe the armed robberies will go down now? At least the good guy won this time! If more people would take his cue violent crime would go down in a hurry.
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    We should send this guy a get well / well done card from the FTF.

    And a new box of OO.:D
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    I'm all for sending a card and ammo.
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    Wow! nice shooting in a tough situation! I wish him a speedy recovery. Besides doing a public service I expect his store will be off the "lets rob that place list" for awhile. He should get a medal and free ammo for life! Maybe MR Castillos can get an endorsement "Hi my name is Eva and when I put scumbags to dirt I use my trusty xxxxx"!
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    One of the MANY good things about living in the Great State of Texas, is that when there is an obviously justifiable use of firearms in a clear self-defense situation (most) LEO's will be supportive of the intended victim, and not run him/her through the legal wringer just because he/she used a firearm to save their own lives.