3:30AM and can't sleep

Discussion in 'Training & Safety' started by BlindOldMan, May 27, 2011.

  1. BlindOldMan

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    Yup, 2 hours before I need to wake up and I'm not yet asleep... Thinking about the range day today with the 9mm CZ.

    The back end of the range I was shooting at is at 35 yards. I don't normally shoot at this distance, but I figured why not. So I sent a target on it's way, all the way to the end. I fired 10 shots, reloaded, then 10 more. Then I pulled the target back to see how I'd done. There was only one hole!!

    The only obvious explanation is that I put every round through that 1 hole.

    Damn fine shooting if I say so myself.
  2. danf_fl

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    That sure was some fine shooting!

    I must have some special ammo, every time I try to shoot beyond 25 yards, the dern stuff disintegrates. The target does not have any holes.
    The only thing I can think of is that I got some of that "Top Secret" government ammo switched at the factory.