3-18X50 scope The rifle or the scope?????

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by locutus, Oct 10, 2020.

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    I cannot count the times I have come close to going with the carbine in 7.62x39...but never did. I keep hoping for a Grendel Carbine...probably not going to ever see it. :(
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    Buy one and have it cut and threaded.
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  3. AgedWarrior

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    I have considered that. I picked up a Howa mini-action Grendel early this year, and since I am on a limited budget since retiring, I will likely put a Bell & Carlson stock on it first...it is a great rifle, just needed to upgrade the stock and bottom metal, and it feels more like a carbine with the short action and 20” barrel. Then I will be thinking CZ again...
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    I had a Savage Axis in .223 that shot quarter size groups at 100 yards with cheap ammo. Sad thing is that gun shot better than the Axis i recently bought in 6.5 Creedmoor
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    Same here.

    i thoroughly detest Tupperware in all it's forms, especially gunstocks.
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    I didn't know that Steiner made these. I wouldn't say that it's the last scope that you'd ever want, but they are pretty neat to use.
    Revic had the first scope with built in electronics / ballistic programs. I had a Revic PMR 428 for a few years. As long as you entered the correct ballistic data into it, it was spot on as long as you entered the wind correct.

    While these smart scopes are cool, until they have a built in laser range finder and wind meter to do all of the ballistic data to make the correct adjustments, it's still faster for the shooter to do it on their own, and then adjust the turrets.
    These scopes require you to have a cell phone signal in order to change any ballistic inputs, so if you don't have service where you are at, you are screwed!
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