2ND gun show and had a blast

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by Bigguns911, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Bigguns911

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    I went to my 2ND gun show yesterday and it was fun. The first time I went I had no $'s and no guns to trade. This time I took a few $'s and two guns. I can home with an Romanian AK-47 and two NRA memberships.;) One was for the wife and one for me.

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  2. NitroxAZ

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    Life is good. Nice pick up.

  3. CA357

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    Excellent! Gun shows are fun shows. ;)
  4. Normal

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    I went to one here in AZ last weekend. I was not impressed with the prices on guns (they were all about $100 more than usual and no one was willing to negotiate, not even $20), but the ammo was plentiful and CHEAP! 500 .40 S&W rounds for $150.
    Nice AK man!
  5. Bigguns911

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    Yes I also believe the prices were high but all I talked to would work with you. My brother and I went on the last day of the show just before it ended. I think the vendors wanted to make a few last moment sales. Good for all of use. I was only looking at guns and not ammo so I do not know what price it was going for but what you put above looks great. The only bummer I found was not much for Glocks. I went looking for a Glock 30SF for a back up and came home with an AK47. The wife looked at me like I was from the moon. But she still loves me.:D
  6. Shooter

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    Our gun shows have gone to the dogs lately. They ended closing the one in Austin.
  7. ItsmeShane

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    I went to my first the beginning of November, no money so I didnt get anything but a knife. No ammo that I was looking for either. if you have a .308 or any sort of handgun there was plenty of ammo.

    There is another one at the end of January, Im going to this one as well. hopefully will have some money put aside to get something.
  8. Bigcountry02

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    Nice pick! I would be on death's door for coming home with an East Bloc weapon - wife prefer's U.S. and/or Western guns. I know, tried to explain that the weapon is only in nature East Bloc - the receiver is custom rebuilt for United States civilian market - NOPE!

    This weekend we had a good gun show, I am glad I grabbed the S&W M&P 15-22 from Sportsman's Warehouse $399.00, at the show prices were off the chart. up to $700.00.

    The only good grab was Sure grip to swap the original grip.

    I did have my hand on Yugo SKS for $350.00

    Yugoslav Army M59/66 SKS sniperized and the weapon was very cherry and sweet!

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  9. RCHanlin

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    It's a shame but the same is happening in my area. the shows getting more expensive to go into and the prices are sometimes 50% more than you'd pay from the wholesalers (milsurps I'm talking about). Ammunition's about the only reasonably priced thing to buy any more. this is Macon Ga. though. Might be better in a larger city setting.