2nd Generation Colt SSA

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    I found a Colt SSA 45LC in a Gander Mountain Store. The frame S/N is 2nd generation. There are several items that concern me, since I'm not a SSA expert. Any advice would be appreciated. The gate S/N does not match the frame S/N. I could not find a S/N on the strap (not sure if there should be one). The grips are not original (stag), it's been reblued including the frame, three screw heads are marred and the barrel has four minor nicks at 2 & 11 o'clock. They are asking $799. Lock-up is tight and the bore looks very good. No pitting noted anywhere. The front sight leans very slightly right but did not look bent. Any thoughts or feedback from anyone who is an Colt SSA semi-expert would be appreciated. I suspect the price is fair, but not really sure due to all the above.

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