2nd AR - Need Quality Upper

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Millerlite, Nov 12, 2012.

  1. Millerlite

    Millerlite New Member

    So my main squeeze is a BCM midlength. I dropped in a Gieselle trigger and a couple of other mods, but to my point of this thread...

    I have a 2 fully built lowers one with a standard USGI trigger and another with 2 stage stag trigger (this one is also SBR engraved, paper work done)

    I'm looking for 2 uppers really:

    1. Quality upper, preferrably midlength, in the 350-450 price range. Been looking at PSA and others but haven't found anything in stock or a screaming deal. This will be my backup AR or trade bait.

    2. Looking at integrally suppressed 300blk, thinking Leonidas or Houston Armory upper. Willing to wait for the right upper. Doesn't have to be integrally suppressed but want can to fit in hand guard.

  2. msup752

    msup752 New Member

    I have a PSA 300 Blk upper. It has been flawless and even with a custom order, it went from Internet dreams to my door in a week. Some of their 5.56 uppers are pretty cheap with their daily specials.
    For suppressors, I'm looking at YHM phantom for cost/performance ratio. There are many rail options that have enough clearance to go over suppressors. It isn't a concern for me unless I build a pistol as SBR's are still illegal here.
    My second can is in NFA jail. My third will be ordered once my second one is approved. It is on a trust and I want to make sure the BATF has no legal issues with it first.

  3. longunner

    longunner Active Member

    I have also been on the hunt for a 20 inch govt profile. Anyone know where I can get a NY legal one?
  4. Quentin

    Quentin Active Member

    PSA would be a great backup for a BCM. I recently finished up a PSA midlength as a backup to my BCM and DD middys. (Three is two... and two is one.) Hope you can find a deal on one in stock.
  5. Millerlite

    Millerlite New Member


    So I just bought PSA A2 16" mid length upper for $319. Just need BCG from BCM (out of stock) to finish out back-up AR :)

    Seeing alot of 300blk topics, but no feedback on set up for upper. Anyone run an upper with can inside hard guard? Which can, which hard guard? Do you like it or is it a pain? Would you have gone integrally suppressed?

  6. Rhino24

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    Tac Tv did a show on the Blackout 300 with Vickers. They had a new DD upper. It showed that its under a 150 yards round. It does do some more damage to a center block / knock down power. But it didn't impress them over the 5.56