2nd Amendment Rally tomorrow in Olympia, WA

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    I haven't come across any notices in regard to the "Guns Across America" pro 2a rally on this forum. Starts tomorrow, 1/19 @ 11 AM on the capitol grounds around Tivoli Fountain. If you participate please do not wear cammo or tactical garb unless you're military or law enforcement. Business casual, work attire other than business casual, and jeans/t-shirt OK, but the idea is to convey civility and normalcy. Concealed carry OK provided you are licensed. Open carry OK, but not encouraged. There are many speakers scheduled. Please attend and stand up for your Constitutional Rights! WSP will be working security there.
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    Did Any of you show up? I made the Salem OR MEET. GREAT TURN OUT. 2/8/2013 is another meet. Fight to keep your rights!

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    Jan 19 was great But the feb 08,2013 will be HUGE!

    I was there @the Jan 19 rally .Great experience! but there was really short notice and we still had 2000 people positively representing gun owners!

    This as last time has short notice too, but we have 5 days instead of one to help get a turn out to be overwhelming for anyone to ignore.

    Positive image of gun owners is waht we want, not looking like the "lunatic fringe militia":eek: the media wants to paint us as..

    here are some links:http://www.facebook.com/2ndRight/events

    The 2nd enforcers site has info and also there are some things that still need some manpower or other assistance to get er done!!

    Hats off to Jacob:) for jumping in the drivers seat to try to pull it all together as Wa got off to a slow start with lots of ideas and willing participants, but no one orchestrating it all.

    Lets try to pull all the groups together instead of evryone doing there own thing as this effects us all, and united we stand, but divided were all confused. :confused:

    Live free Live armed!! all it takes too lose the freedoms others died for is to sit back and do nothing!! Lets make this happen and I will see you there:cool:
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