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Yes there is a pro gun rally feb 08,2013 in olympia

Hello- trying to help out the cause as there is some issues certain groups are having about the event in olympia on feb 08,2013.:confused:
Seems that although their are many groups(guns across america, moreguns=lesscrime, 2nd rights etc) and more. Instead of pulling together to work as a unit with a common goal, there has been some bickering about who is doing what. The important thing is responsible gun owners to turn out and have a positive impact and protect the rights bestowed upon us . We shoulld all try to attend , and represent law abiding gun owners as we all share some beliefs related to this matter. T

We went to the jan 19 rally and for the short notice it went well , great turnout and no troubles. :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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