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2nd Amendment Rally April 27th, Know Guns Know Freedom - Arizona

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Here it is folks! Our next 2nd Amendment Rally scheduled for Saturday, April 27th at 12:00 noon, on the Arizona State Capitol lawn.......

We need lots of volunteers, lots of contributions, and lots of attendees! Here are ways you can help this grassroots rally be a success.....

1. Go to this page 2nd Amendment Rally Contribution Page and make a contribution of $5, $10, $20, $30, $50, or even more. We need a minimum of a thousand dollars to pull this off, and we are not backing off, so I need your contributions. The money will go to my PayPal account. These contributions are not tax deductible, and most likely, there will be no refunds. If we don't get the contributions, this rally may fail and that would mean a win by the gun grabbers.

2. We need several folks to volunteer to help set up and tear down the event. Setup will start at 10:00 AM and run 2 hours until the rally starts at 12:00 noon. Tear down will start at the conclusion of the rally at 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM and include policing the trash from the lawn. I need some strong backs to help set up the stage and tear it down. We need volunteers to hand out water during the event, as well as, collect trash and many other chores.

3. We need an army of foot soldiers to distribute flyers. We will have 1,500 flyers printed up early this coming week and should have them ready by Wednesday. We need folks to hang them everywhere and anywhere, including the gun shops, sporting goods stores, motorcycle shops, barbers, grocery stores, any place (and there are thousands in the valley) that have a front door or a bulletin board, and that support the rally. If you prefer, this link will download the poster, so you can print it off and post them up....

4. We need you social media folks to get the word out on Facebook, Twitter and all those others, as well as, blogs and your email lists. And keep the chatter going all the way up to show time.

5. We need YOU to attend! And, bring family and friends. We know not every one can contribute, but this event regardless of contributors, will fail if we don't get folks to attend. We realize some folks are busy and strapped for cash. Nonetheless, we need folks to attend and listen to the speakers and maybe even have their own say. A grassroots rally of "We The People" will be more successful with the more who attend.

We will be contacting various speakers for this event and will publish a list as we get their commitments. Please stay tuned and stay active. If we do not exercise our rights, we are destined to lose the most powerful speakers we can get, are a couple thousand or more attending. We need to get fired up and show-up sending a signal to our congress and whitehouse, our rights shall not be infringed!!

We look forward to seeing you all at this rally event.

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I would donate but I'm a poor teenager and I would go but that's a few hundred miles to far from my house
I would donate but I'm a poor teenager and I would go but that's a few hundred miles to far from my house
Well I'm far from a teenager, but very familiar with the "poor" part!! I'm also a couple hundred miles away, but will make the trip....I guess I better, beings how I got this whole thing going! But, I appreciate you making a post and supporting us from a long distance.
2nd Amendment Rally - April 27th, 2013 --- UPDATE

We sincerely Thank and Appreciate all the contribution received. We are half way to our goal and expect the additional support as we go forward. If you would like to contribute a donation, the link to the Contribution Page is in the OP. Again THANK ALL who have put into the rally fund.

Here is the down and dirty Youtube rally promo video.

Most everything is setup for this rally. Guest speakers are being contacted and looks like we will have a broad array from individuals making a stand, to groups fighting for our rights, as well as law enforcement and law maker representation. The Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL) has signed on. If you live in Arizona, you may want to join the AzCDL, they have been doing great things in our legislature, defending our 2nd Amendment, for many hard years.
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Thank You to all the 90 viewers of this post, and all those who have donated their money, time and effort promoting it.

For some gun owners, holding rallies, sending letters and emails, calling their representatives, and signing petitions....seems like a waste of time and energy. There are those who sit back claiming they are protecting themselves staying under the radar for the sake of their OpSec! They are comfortable with letting others carry the banners and the load.

I fully understand the mentality, for it wasn't that long ago, I was one of them!! I did my time in combat and spent my spare time teaching others how to fight. I thought that was my only calling and day after day tried to convince myself it was more than enough......I was wrong!!!

There is a popular saying, "Freedom isn't free". Actually, for the majority, it has always been free. About 85% of the colony population sat back, while 15% founded this great country with their blood and guts. Since our founding, it's been about the same percentage of Americans who have guarded and fought for our freedom, liberty and way of life.

I think it's natural, when you are born in this great land of freedom, to grow up taking that freedom for granted. It's easy, especially during times of peace, to latch onto the backs of the freedom fighters and get a "free" ride to liberty. In taking freedom for granted, I think it is also natural for folks to feel that freedom will go on forever, and certainly not challenged from within our borders.......that this country is so strong it will never cave.

It makes the job of us 15 percenters a lot tougher, carrying 85% on our backs, but we know the saying, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going!" I tell my students, "it's not how well you did in your last fight that counts, it's how well you will do in your next fight". So, about 10 years ago, I woke up to realize what I have done in the past didn't mean squat in the present......what counts is what I do today......and what I'm prepared to do tomorrow.

Taking my own advice, I'm taking my own medicine.......I'm taking a stand, I'm drawing a line in the sand, and taking some action, and I'm NOT GIVING UP! I'm proud to be one of the 15% percenters of "We the People".

And, for those who think attending a rally is just a "feel good" event......they are does make us feel good, but more than that, it pulls the 15% together and strengthens our solidarity to prevail against tyranny. It's part of the glue that brings us together and holds us together. And despite the poor coverage from the liberal media, our voices are being heard.

....hey, just maybe, a few of those 85 percenters will read this, get mad at me, and jump on board....there is plenty of room on this ship for those that will Stand Tall and Stand Strong. On the other hand, I realize most reading this are already in the 15 percenters!

Thanks To ALL the 15 know who you are!
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Rally Update 04-15-13

UPDATE 04-15-13:

Rally Update -- Let's Roll

It's ALL Good News……

Things are coming together folks, we are going to have a blast (figuratively speaking!). It's with the help and guidance and hard work of many. This is truly grassroots rally of "We the People".

1. I took down the Contribution Page this morning! We have reached our goal, and should have the funds necessary to pay the expenses. Thank You ALL who have put up your hard earned money.

2. We will have 1 folding table, which we will stage the 1st Aid, and will station cold bottled water for attendees.

3. We are working on contracting a vendor to provide a couple porta-potties.

4. To date, three groups/organizations will be attending (more may be added).......Buffalo Rick with the RidersUSA, Arizona Citizens Defense League (they will have a table), and the Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association.

5. We have Rick Oltman, "Sovereignty Matters", who is flying in from California and will be our Master of Ceremonies.

6. We have three speakers booked at this time.......Russel Pearce (former state senator, past senate president), Charles Heller (radio host, and representing the AzCDL), and Cope Reynolds (radio host, representing the Southwest Shooting Authority).

Do you recognize the name Cope Reynolds? You are probably more familiar with Mr. Reynolds, than you may know........remember this sign?

Yep, Cope is the man behind the sign, taking a stand against the liberal gun grabbers! It's on the entrance door to Cope and Amy Reynolds gun store in Pinetop, Arizona.

We also have speaker invitations to the following......

- Joe Arpaio, Sheriff Maricopa County
- Scott Macher, Sheriff Yavapai County
- Andy Biggs, Arizona State Senate - President
- Eddie Farnsworth, Arizona House of Representatives - District 12
- Terry Gilberg, KFYI Talk Radio Host
- Tom Horne, State of Arizona Attorney General
- John Hupenthal, State Superintendent of Public Schools
- John Kavanagh, Arizona House of Representatives - District 23
- Doug MacKinlay, Diamondback Police Supply - Tucson
- Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney
- Carl Seel, Arizona House of Representatives - District 20
- Kelly Townsend, Arizona House of Representatives - District 16

7. We have volunteers running all over the valley, as well as, other Arizona cities, putting up the color flyers, and a volunteer who is going to hit the big gun show this coming weekend. If you can put out some flyers, please contact me and I will put you in contact with our Director of Media Coordinator (fancy title to get a volunteer!) who will meet and hand off some flyers.

8. We have several volunteers to help set up between 10:00 AM and 12:00 noon, as well as, a couple to help pack up after the rally from 2:00 PM til 4:00 PM........BUT, we could still use a couple more strong backs. Please contact me to be placed on the volunteer list for setup and tear down.

9. So, what do we still need? By far, the most important thing we can do is attend this rally……and bring our family and friends. Most important right now, is getting more foot soldiers to distribute the rally posters. We had 1,500 printed and need folks to spend some time and gas to get them out to all the dealers, clubs, ranges, organizations, as they can. As well as, posting the rally event on your social media, email list, and private groups. And, never, under estimate the value of the old fashion, word-of-mouth!

Also, please don't forget to wear your yellow ribbon as a campaign badge of solidarity. Hey, and if you can, make up some extra to hand out during the rally, that would really help.
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Rally UPDATE 04-22-13

Rally Update 04-22-13

Thank You ALL for your support, suggestions and effort. This is truly a We the People grassroots rally.

Here is an update of our rally progress, as of this morning 04-22-13.....

This is the line-up of confirmed guest speakers:
- Russel Pearce, former state senator, past senate president
- Charles Heller, radio host, and representing the AzCDL
- Cope Reynolds, radio host, representing the Southwest Shooting Authority
- Tom Horne, State of Arizona Attorney General
- George Dean, US Army Veteran, call sign "Eagle Six"
- John Hupenthal, State Superintendent of Public Schools

These are speakers who want to attend, and are trying to work out schedule conflicts:
- Bill Montgomery, Maricopa County Attorney, has a conflict in schedule, trying to work it out
- Arizona State Rifle & Pistol Association, will attend, may have a speaker
- Terry Gilberg, KFYI Talk Radio Host, has a conflict in schedule, trying to work it out

These are invited speakers who have not as yet been confirmed:
- Joe Arpaio, Sheriff Maricopa County
- Scott Macher, Sheriff Yavapai County
- Matt Salmon, Arizona House of Representatives - District 5,
- Eddie Farnsworth, Arizona House of Representatives - District 12
- Doug MacKinlay, Diamondback Police Supply - Tucson
- Carl Seel, Arizona House of Representatives - District 20
- Kelly Townsend, Arizona House of Representatives - District 16

Some invited speakers do not appear on either list, as they have prior commitments, so we have already pulled them from the list. We have had many who were excited to be a part of our rally, but just cannot get out of a prior engagement.

The guest speakers we do have, are all powerhouse speakers who promise to bring us excitement discussing 2nd Amendment issues, as well as what we can do to help defend our rights. We have allocated about 10 minutes per speaker and will keep the invite list open all the way up to when we close the event.

The little stage has been constructed and stored in the valley ready for this Saturday. By the way, we could use a couple more volunteers to show early and stay late to help unload and load the stage. Although small, it is a bit heavy.

We are trying to finalize the arrangement for a couple porta-potties. We have 2 PA Systems which will be tested and tuned this week. We plan to have a table with the first-aid kit and a couple volunteers to hand out free bottled water. We will have hundreds of yellow ribbons for volunteers to hand out. Please wear a yellow ribbon as a campaign badge of solidarity for our Gun Rights.

Amongst other resources, here are 2 online resources which can be used to spread the word....

For a direct link to the rally flyer (as Hutch pointed out in a previous post)......

For the latest information and speakers list.....

As John O. pointed out in a post, and I agree, there are many gun owners who are not aware of our rally. I would add to that, there are many gun owners who will not attend our rally. Fortunately, through the effort of many members of and hundreds of other patriot volunteers, the word is getting out via social media, posting the flyers, personal contacts, gun show vendors, and hundreds of email lists. So, although many gun owners will not be there, I expect several thousands will attend, and those are what I refer to as the 15 percenters. I look forward to explaining the 15% at the rally.

On April 17th, this past Wednesday, the whitehouse and gun grabbers were unable to advance, what they referred to as a "sure thing" to infringe on our rights to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. I feel, in a major part, all the letters, phones calls, emails, petitions, and especially the rallies, were responsible for stopping the gun grabbers advance. The whitehouse and gun grabbers promise to keep on the advance, stronger and more determined, than ever to keep us pissed off.

This shouldn't even be an issue. We shouldn't have to defend the 2nd Amendment. The 2nd Amendment is to recognize and protect our God given, natural born and inalienable rights, from our own government!. Now, we are defending the laws that were adopted, promised, and agree to protect what is already ours! Well, we shouldn't have to, but reality is calling, and we must not back down. They want to push us up against the wall, we need to push back. Keeping the rallies going strong is one method we use. That is another one of our rights. To peacefully assemble to petition our government for a redress of grievances......and it needs to be Loud and Clear!

It is painfully clear this fight for our rights and freedoms, is far from over......we need to use our Last Resorts, before the Last Resort!

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Good luck :):):):):)
Rally UPDATE 04-23-13

Rally Update 04-23-13

We have added Stewart Rhodes, founder and president of the Oath Keepers, to our list of scheduled guest speakers.
Rally Update 04-23-13

We have added Stewart Rhodes, founder and president of the Oath Keepers, to our list of scheduled guest speakers.
Excellent, Rhodes is a hammer
Rally UPDATE 04-24-13

Our latest addition to the guest speakers list is, Alan Korwin......

Alan Korwin is a nationally recognized expert in America's gun laws, and has been fighting for our right to keep and bear arms for decades. He has written ten books on the subject, from his first, "The Arizona Gun Owner's Guide" that so many of us already own, to his latest, "Your First Gun" for your gunless friends and relatives -- friends don't let friends go gunless!
2nd Amendment Rally - Video

I have posted a streaming video of the rally, this is the link:

This video was taken in standard NTSC 4:3 TV resolution and reduced resolution to produce the FLV streaming file for faster download on slower internet connections.

I would like to again, THANK, all those you attended, contributed, volunteered and spoke at the rally.

The attendance was extremely poor, despite, what we thought was more advertising and promotion, than any of the previous rallies held this year. Regardless, I think the rally was a success. Those 15% who did attend know who they are and know they are the center core for our fight to resist infringements of our rights.

There are those who support our rights and just couldn't attend the rally for various reasons. Perhaps they were working, ill, out of town......or any number of important reasons that prevented their attendance. I respect their support and hope they can attend future rallies and keep up the good fight in between.

For the gun grabbers, and those gun owners who perhaps feel the rallies aren't productive, or maybe they want to stay under the radar, or perhaps they are just too lazy to get out and participate......or maybe they are just to damn laid back to think us others will carry on their fight.....well shame on them......and here is their sign.....

Best Regards....Eagle Six
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