2A groups asking us to reach out to our legislators...

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by drvsafe, Dec 20, 2012.

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    It is quite obvious that the liberals want blood; or at least our guns and high cap mags, rather, at the very least our rights to purchase them in the future...

    So, needless to say that in light of all of that madness, NJ2A (a great 2nd amendment rights group in NJ) is reaching out to all its members daily in an attempt to have us all reach out to our legislators everyday and request that they oppose any gun control or assault weapons ban. Today the request was a bit more specific, it was to call our state and federal representatives and ask that they not just to oppose any new gun control measures but to also support concealed carry in NJ at the same time.

    So it got me thinking, and I wanted to ask the members of FTF. If there was an assault weapon ban to be signed into law and part of it included language for national concealed carry or full reciprocity of out of state CCW permits in all other states as part of the bill to would you be amenable to it?

    I know there are many members here that will only be adversely affected by that type of language (i.e., those that live in states that already have existing CCW rights), but thinking on a national level, to be able to safely travel across the country without fear of an ambiguous local law on the books of some city or state you are driving or flying through that can potentially strip you of your firearm and lock you up for a minimum mandatory sentence all for simply protecting yourself and your family. As well as the ability for your brothers and sisters that once lived in restrictive states to have the same freedoms to CC and protect yourself and your family that you enjoy.

    And though the idea of "not giving an inch for fear of them grabbing a mile" is vital to the protection of our 2A rights, it may be a moot point. Judging from the voracity in which Mr. Obama and his band of merry men and women are looking at getting this AWB sealed up. Perhaps it may be the best time for the gun lobby to use full 50 state concealed carry as a bargaining chip.

    Look, I am hopeful that I will not get chided on this forum for this question...as I am no troll.

    But as a resident of NJ I have been living with rather strict and archaic gun laws already, so I am desensitized a bit by all of this talk of an assault weapons ban. And while I am not one to want to have the rest of the country share in my misery, at the end of the day it's up to Mr. O and our legislators...So rather I'm reading the writing that may be written on the wall and at the same time, just trying to level the playing field regarding concealed carry in my home state and other more restrictive ones as well.
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    I just wanted to bump this thread and see if I can get some responses. Or am I better off NOT getting a response.

  3. partdeux

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    Always good to reach out to your legislatures unless your congressman helped pen the 1968 gun laws, and his senator brother has made it very clear he supports 2A as long as we don't own guns. Then there's the RINO gov that thinks that pistol free zones are safe because they ban guns.

    {sigh} I'm ready to relocate!
  4. therewolf

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    I know not what the rest of you may do,

    but I am DONE with pandering to 2A groups.

    THEY are supposed to reach out to OUR

    legislators for US, REMEMBER ? ? ?

    They wasted our memberships dues constantly pestering

    current members for more money. The membership they

    could have increased, and the steps they didn't take cost

    us the national election. I'm done being their fool,

    and as soon as they can show me they have quadrupled their

    memberships by organization, and have had a positive

    influence on our behalf in DC, I may start paying dues again in

    the future.

    But here's the Vitamin "N" for the NRA, SAF, and GOA.

    NO MORE. No more wheedling for contributions, no more

    trying to influence me through fear-mongering, NO MORE

    fundraising scams.

    From now on, every time they send me a begging letter, I'm

    pushing back paying my dues another year.

    They made their bed with the election. NOW they can lay in it...
  5. Chainfire

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    Apparently you don't get it. It is not just Obama hand his band, there are a hell of a lot of ordinary Americans who are sick of guns and the people who wield them.

    A lot of folks think that there is no reason for anyone to posess a gun, and especially a military type firearm. Most of them don't know the difference in a single shot .22 and a machine gun, and don't care. These folks think that by thinning the gun pool it will somehow reduce the mad shooter syndrome. Even if they don't believe it will help, at least they feel like they are doing something. When these people hear about the panic buying of guns and ammo it reinforces their beliefs that we are all a bunch of nuts.

    Nutty statements and reactions from pro-gun groups don't help. Save the petitions and letters until something is proposed. You will have plenty of time to react when you have something concrete to react to. At that time your actions will be more meaningful.
  6. Blueguns

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    Chain, Feinstein is jumping on the AWB horse right now. And I don't think they should wait until something is proposed. There is nothing wrong with being a little proactive.
  7. therewolf

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    All these mass shootings happen in "gun free zones".

    How about we get rid of the GFZs, just for the holidays ? ?

    We can re-instate them, as soon as we are all able to bear

    more innocent deaths in bulk...
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    If you don't like the laws in your state of N.J. Then move out... We in states with decent gun laws should not have to have our rights compromised just because your State's people Elect Antigun legislators. I know this sounds harsh, I mean nothing personal about it... I would not live in a State that had such laws!!!
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  9. Mosin

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    The thing that gets my goat, is all the resources, people, etc that these groups have, they could've offered security, they could have donated to schools to help their security procedures... But instead, they go after guns.... And not even in a meaningful way.

    'Oh look!!! School shooting!!! Sweet!!! Now we get our best chance to ban guns!!!'
  10. therewolf

    therewolf New Member

    Our homes are filled with guns. NO CHILDREN DYING HERE.

    Just in the "Gun Free Zones"...