280-308 mis-hap

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    My fault... I lent my Ruger cambered in 280 remington to a buddy during a hunting trip last fall. In his hurry to load and go he accidently chambered a 308 round, that he had in his pocket from his rifle, and dicharged a round. all was fine, the round left the barrel and struck his caribiou, and he did not notice the mis-hap until he went to eject the round.
    SO.. the brass had been deformed but.. i do not see any cracks, splits or anything out of the normal any where... rifles been cleaned and bore-lited

    is the rifle still good, or what is your opinion... i can not find a gunsmith to look at it, the one i talked to on the phone said that as long as i did not see any cracks, that it was fine.
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    So much for loaning out guns, eh?

    I would send it away and have it checked. Last time I checked a .280 is a 7mm, and a .308 is a 7.62mm. Some serious over pressure can occur when stuffing a 7.62mm chunk through a 7mm hole at high pressure.

    Be safe and send it to a good smith to check out. Not all cracks are visible to the naked eye.

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    I would toss that gun in the trash after I cut the action in two with a cut off saw.

    First: How the hell did he not notice something was wrong when he had to beat the bolt closed?

    Second: why are you loaning guns to other people? Esp one stupid enough to use the wrong ammo in your gun and ruin it.

    Third: are you making him buy you a new gun? If not why?

    There is no way in hell I would ever let someone shoot that gun ever again.
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    DO NOT attempt to load/fire the rifle until you have it checked over GOOD by a competent gunsmith. It sounds to me like your buddy just bought a new rifle for you. The diameter for a .280 bullet is .284 & the diameter for a .308 bullet is .308. I don't see how the brass fireformed without rupturing-let alone the bullet squeezing through a bore that was .024 smaller. Offhand I'd think the barrel is trashed but can't say without looking at it.
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    Have it checked. It may have done harm that you cannot see. If I was the smith checking it, I would remove the barrel from the action and have the barrel, action and bolt magnifluxed to check for any stress cracks. If nothing is found I would then cast the chamber to check for proper specs. I would then gauge the bore along it's entire length. If nothing is found to be out of spec, the rifle would be re-assembled and fired with proof rounds. If all this is done and all is ok, it would get a clean bill of health. Although, this would cost you about as much as a new rifle. It might be difficult to find a good smith to do all this, so the choice is yours. Or, send it to Ruger and have them check it.

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  6. cpttango30

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    There you go right from a gunsmith. Well form two gunsmiths.
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    The .308 will chamber easily in the .280 because the .280 is basically a necked down .30-06. There would be sufficient room for the shorter .308 to lock in place. The bullet would been swaged down and the excess area in the chamber may have allowed the pressures to remain close to reasonable.

    I would have the bolt, receiver, and barrel magnafluxed to be sure. If any cracks are observed, your friend bought himself a gun.