270win hunting scope reccomendation

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  1. planenut

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    1. Price. - ideally around 300 but might go as high as 500
    2. Use. - whitetail deer hunting and playing at the range
    3. Rifle. - browning A-bolt with Boss, stainless with black stock
    4. Caliber. - 270 Winchester
    5. Variable or fixed power. - variable
    6. Any other requirements you have. - low light at dusk/dawn very important

    I have a bushnell banner 3-9 on it now but it is old and i would like more magnification and better low light ability. Normal shots would be 75 - 150 yards but I would like confidence at greater ranges.

    Please reccomend new rings etc if they will be required.

    Dreaming of:
    Nikon buckmasters 4-12x50
    Nikon 4-12X50 Buckmasters Riflescope 6445 Rifle scope FREE S&H 6445. Nikon Buckmasters Riflescopes, Nikon Riflescopes.


    Nikon monark 4-16x50
    Nikon 4-16 x 50SF Monarch Riflescopes 8439 8440

  2. Gatoragn

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    My first choice Leupold Vari XIII 3.5 - 10 x 50 $550 + $5 shipping at Cabelas right now.

    If the Leupold is too steep, my second choice Burris Fullfield 3 -9 x 40, also on sale for a good price at Cabelas right now.

  3. spittinfire

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    Vortex Diamondback 4-12 x 40. Collects light well, clear, holds a zero, made in the USA and life time warranty....I just mounted one on a 30-06 I picked up and I couldn't be happier. The rifle is going to see the exact use you described.
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  5. planenut

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    Thanks for the help.. I"m unfamiliar with some of these brands..

    I'm not saying I need a name brand but for for this kind of money I'd like to know more about them.. I'm familiar with Nikon and Leupold, but not so much with the others. Some like Barska I don't think have a great reputation..

    Also most recommendations seem to be for 3x9. Does 4x12 or 4x16 have a drawback somehow?

    Last, some are for 40. I was planning on 50 for more light? Will that help with low light situations or is there a drawback there as well?

    Thanks again.
  6. jpattersonnh

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    Close up shots are much harder w/ higher magnification. I'm not sure how much higher you would need to go then 3-9x for even a 250 yards shot. I use a 2-10x38mm for 400+ yards. I also use a strait 4x32mm for up to 300 yards. I would look at better quality glass instead of magnification.
  7. Wambli

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    I finally convinced my buddy to take the Barska off his gun and spend the money for a Leupold and the first time we went to the range he said that looking thourgh the Leupold was like "someone turned on the lights" He was amazed he could now see his .30 cal holes on the target without a spoting scope...

    I have several Nikon Monarchs and they are outstanding scopes. From personal experience I can also highly recomend Leupold (my go-to scopes), Zeiss, Kahles, Bushnell Elite line, ad if you ever loose your head and have a wallet full of money to spend Swarovski. All great scopes.