.270 Weatherby Vanguard

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by MrRemmy, May 21, 2008.

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    Hey Guys,

    My dad just bought himself a Weatherby Vanguard in .270. Looks to be a fine rifle indeed, nice finish and all on it, it has the timber stock as he seems a bit partial towards a nice timber stock :). I was just wondering if anyone here owns one and what they think of it? And how do you guys find the .270 in general?

    Cheers ;)
  2. randy

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    Kicking Mule

    Mr Remmy

    I won a 270 Vangaurd a couple years back, this one isn't a Wood Stock
    the black synthetic.. Kinda jerks me seeing Made In Japan on it, but for
    a 10 dollar bill it was a buy. I finally installed a scope & sighted it in, my
    15 year old thought he'd use last deer season instead of a 243 Gamemaster
    I've owned for years.. He changed his mind once I touched it off. I have
    308 & 30.06 Gamemaster & a 300Win Mag, None of these kick like this 270.

    It is very accurate if you can hold on to it, I took two deer with it last
    season with one shot each & never felt it on game, But a target is a
    different story. Yes I call it a Kicking Mule, But I like it!!!


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    The 270 weatherby, hell yeah. I shoot a 270 weatherby magnum and my father shoots a 300 winchester magnum and my weatherby will kick your shoulder off compared to his winchester.
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    I got a buddy that uses one for ground hogs shooting hand loaded Speer 100gr HP that look like the grand canyon on the front. It was good out to 350 yards when he blew a ground hog in half really the head and shoulders were 4' away from the belly and hind legs.
  6. jacq69

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    In 1998 I shot a moose at over 500 yards (dad gave me crap for shooting that far, but anyway...) with a 150 grain softpoint hornady bullet and the bullet went through the ribs, the lungs and heart, then smashed the shoulder on the opposite side. The energy retention of the .270 caliber is actually one of the best at long ranges. It has a lower muzzle energy than the bigger calibers but at longer distances its speed and energy don't dissipate as quickly as the larger calibers and so actually carries more energy past 300 yards than the 30-06 or even the 7MM magnum.

    The bullet was designed by Winchester for that purpose but was overlooked by some for the 30-06 because of the higher initial energy inside 200 yards. Past 200 yards though the 30 caliber bullet slows down at a faster rate so the .270 actually retains more energy than the bigger bullet.