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    I have been reloading for about 6 months now and I am wanting to reload my .270 win for multiple purposes. I am wanting to make two different loads, one heavy load for bigger game like deer and hogs, and one lighter faster load for varmints like coyotes. I spend a little time on the range but I am not yet into distance target shooting, but I might be one day. The furthest shot I would be taking is no more than 200 yards but mainly about 100-150. Is this possible and would there be much difference between the loads to make it worth it?
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    The difference between a 100 grain bullet and a 150 grain bullet can be as much as 800 fps. That will make a difference in point of aim/point of impact. Perhaps several inches

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    I was actually planning on doing something similar with my .243, but I decided against it after trying this out. With my varmint load I'm dead on where I'd like to be at 100 yards and happy with the groups I've been getting. Then I decided that I'd want to try some FMJ loads out just because I could basically.

    Even at 100yards that load shout about and inch off to the left and maybe half inch lower then where my crosshairs sat. I haven't really tried any other loads with that rifle yet.

    Using my .17hmr I've got the same results at that distance. One brand/type of ammunition would hit dead on while the other one was almost a full two inches off from where I wanted them to hit.

    So in all, you'll have to give it a try to see how far off you might be with two different loads. I've only found two loads out of the five I've tried that where only 1/2" off from each other, and even that I'd be iffy on using for hunting purposes.