.270 or 7mm08

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by nikoko199, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. nikoko199

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    which is the better bullet?
  2. stalkingbear

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    Better for what and at what distances? Even though the rounds perform similar, there's differences in them. What are you going to be doing with it and how far will your shots be? I assume you're talking about deer? Personally I find the 7mm08 "better" for MY purposes but I live in Ky.

  3. calaverasslim

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    I have each, Rem. 700BDL in 270 and a Browning BLR 7mm-08. Depends not on what I am hunting but where. Here in Tx. I don't expect anything larger than a big white tail.

    Longer shots, I take the 270 but anything less than 150yds I prefer the 7-08. Each one is deadly accurate with my hand loads.
  4. nikoko199

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    I will be making no longer than 450 shots here in wyomings mountain ranges and prairies. Antelope and deer is what i am hunting
  5. jpattersonnh

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    You need to figure what you want. Which cartridge is better??
    Here are some numbers I ran through my ballistics calculator.
    7mm-08 2900fps MV 140gr sp. 400 yards, 1452fp energy.
    .270 2900fps MV 140gr sp. 400 yards, 1463fp energy.
    7mm Rem mag 3100fps MV 140gr sp. 400 yards, 1687fp energy.
    These number are with all things being equal as far a barrel length, altitude, barometric pressure......
    I used standard soft point interlock bullets, but there are premium bullets that will change the numbers slightly.
    1500fp energy is the base line for elk.
    If you reload, 7mm-08 is much more efficient using 25% less powder. 7mm rem mag is also more efficient using only a couple more grains to achieve a substantial gain. When people say the .270 is the equal to the 7mm rem mag, I do chuckle. I prefer the 7mm mag also because it allows the use of heavier bullets, up to 175gr, were as the other 2 max out at 150gr.
    I use Barnes flat base 140gr and 160gr in my 7mm mag for tough game.
    Here are the numbers on those:
    140gr, 400 yard velosity, 2299fps, 1643fp energy
    140gr, 450 yard velosity, 2203fps, 1509fp energy

    160gr, 400 yard velosity, 2158fps, 1654fp energy
    160gr, 450 yard velosity, 2078fps, 1535fp energy.

    SD and BC are much higher on the 160gr. That will translate to better accuracy and penetration, so there is more to look at then velosity and energy. The BC and SD of the .270 gives it a very slight edge over the 7mm-08. Not very much.
    Have I confused you more??