270 and 7mm-08 question

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  1. Armed-Citizen

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    Which caliber has more commercial loads readily available?
  2. cottontop

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    the .270

  3. Txhillbilly

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    The 270 will have a better selection at most places that sell ammo,but the 7mm-08 has become a very popular caliber in the last several years,so it's becoming more common on store shelves.

    Personally,I've never seen anything a 270 can do better than it's parent case,the 30/06.
    I built a 7mm-08 recently,and it's a fun rifle to shoot. Low recoil,great ballistics,and you can get some very high ballistic coefficient bullets for it if you hand load your ammo.
  4. JimRau

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    The 7-08 is a more efficient round than the 270 but there is very little difference in diameter .277 to .284, 7 thousands of an inch. Because the 7-08 uses less propellant to achieve nearly the same velocities as the 270 the recoil is less. The 7-08 cartage is shorter thus it can be used in the short action platform and shorter barrel than the 270. I have taken more game in my live with a 270, but I do not currently own one. I now use the 7-08 and love it. It is true that the 270 ammo is more prevalent, but I have never seen a lack of 7-08 on most shelves. If you do hand load there is a much greater bullet selection for the 7mm.
    I highly recommend the 7-08. It can be had in a 'handy' size for woods hunting but has the ballistic performance to take the 'long' (400 yds) shots if you have an accurate rifle. It is ideal for the smaller shooters as they can grow into it and use it all their live. :D
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    While I agree w/ JimRau in some respects, a 400 yard shot is very vague. What game?? While reading Jim's posts he always has VG info and has a great knowledge of rifles and hunting. Jim can you clarifiy? You can find more ammo usually on the shelf for the .270, but with the climate we have now, not so sure. I can still walk into a local shop and get 6.5x55, 8x57, and 7mm Rem mag. No .308, .30.60, .270.
  6. ChicagoJoe

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    If you want availability and lower priced ammo, go with the .270 (or .308, or 30-06, for that matter). Seven mm-08 is a great round, but it is relatively expensive and there is not much selection out there.

    If you handload and plan to use the rifle for deer hunting at moderate distances, however, you might want to run with the 7mm-08 for the reasons outlined by JimRau.
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  7. JimRau

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    The longest shot I have ever made on deer is 460 yds with a 270, one shot DRT. The reason I used the 400 yd mark in my post is that IF you have an accurate rifle/load combination in a 7-08 that would be ABOUT the ballistic limit for a clean kill, the terminal ballistic at those ranges have a lot to do with which bullet you are using.. The longest shot I have made with a 7-08 is about 245 yds.;)
    At 400 yards using the Hornady SuperPerformance 139 gr SST ammo (which would be a good choice for medium game; ie deer and antelope) the bullet is still at 2182 fps with 1469 ft/lbs of energy. If you put one in the boiler room it would be very effective (DRT)!;)
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