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  1. WhelanLad

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    If you owned a .270win . Is it worth having a 7x57 in the safe aswell. For general deer hunting? What advantage is there?

    Also the 7m mauser out performs the 7m08 by ? much?
  2. Axxe55

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    not unless you just want a 7x57 Mauser rifle. the 270 Win. has better ballistics than the 7x57. even the 7mm-08 has better ballistics.

    7x57 Mauser: with a 139gr BTSP.
    MV/ME 2680/2216 and @500 yards 1667/858

    7mm-08: with a 139gr GMX.
    MV/ME 2910/2613 and @500 yards 2026/1267

    270 Win. : with a 140gr BTSP.
    MV/ME 2940/2687 and @ 500 yards 2050/1307

    so the 7mm-08 is actually close to the 270 than the 7x57 is.

  3. hiwall

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    I had both for many years. For practical hunting conditions I considered them equals. They were in different actions(one bolt one single shot). Buy which ever one and it will do fine for hunting.
  4. cottontop

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    Sure they are both worth having at the same time. I give the edge to the 7x57, especially if you are a handloader. The 7x57 offers more variety of bullet choices, it kicks less and it burns less powder for a given and/or similar load. One can also find factory loads or he can hand load the 175 grain bullet and be ready for almost anything that walks on this continent. I have owned both and I prefer the 7x57. I don't really know what "better" ballistics means, but if you are talking muzzle velocity, the .270 will move a similar weight bullet faster, but not much. I have had better accuracy from the 7x57 and I believe it to be more inherently accurate, but that is only my opinion and there really is not that much difference. They are both accurate rounds. The late great Jack O'Conner extolled the virtues of the .270, but he also said many times that a man can't go wrong with the 7x57 and he used it extensively. So, it really is a toss up. Besides, you have the asthetic value of its military history.
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  5. jpattersonnh

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    Axxe, the action makes the difference. A '98 action can push the 139gr to close to 3000fps. Even w/ a '93 or '95 action 2800fps is no issue, the 7-08 is listed at 2900fps max load. 100fps inside 300 yards does not equate to much.
  6. WhelanLad

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    Interesting. Thanks for the replies.
    Im actually lookin at a 308 thompson centre venture . Price is right. Something a little heavier than 270 bit a little less than 35.
  7. robocop10mm

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    I have two 7 X 57's. Both are small ring Spanish "short" Mausers. They are fun little carbines and have little recoil with the 139's. The 175's have such incredible sectional density there is hardly an animal made that can stop it.

    Inside of 300 yards, I doubt it makes a thimble full of difference.