270 130 grain Sierra Pro-Hunter

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    I hope that this hasn't been covered previously and I apologize if it has. I checked a hundred or so 270 threads, and didn't find this particular problem.

    The ammo has been never fired Remington, fully sized, flash holes deburred,and primer pockets squared up.

    The bullets are Sierra Pro Hunter 130 grain.

    I have used two different powders. H4831sc, and R22. All primers have been Federal Large Rifle. The rifle is a Marlin XL7 with a work over by Neil, our resident Bigfoot Master Gunsmith. It's in 270 Winchester,and mounted with an inexpensive Nikon Pro Staff 3X9 variable Scope.

    *Please note*
    I have been away from reloading for about twenty years due to a rather serious Bow Hunting addiction... I consider myself to be a rookie that knows just enough to be dangerous!

    In any case, I started out using 130 grain Federal Power Shok as a control. Results were as follows, after zeroing. 100 yards, three five round groups measured roughly 3/4".

    Best accuracy load from this rifle? Was an astounding, to say the least? Three sets of five rounds. 0.0300, all signed by witnesses. Certainly, the best that I have ever shot. ( 270 bullets are 0.277" diameter) That was R22 at 56.6 grains, once fired Federal brass, Federal Large Rifle Primers. The bullets? Sierra MatchKings. That's a pretty tough baseline standard... I do not expect hunting ammunition to be anywhere near that performance.

    I am getting? Let us say frustrated...

    This post is already pretty long...

    Best load so far using H4831 is Seven inch groups at 56.7 grains.
    Best loads so far using R22 are 58 grains at three inch groups...

    These are not acceptable hunting loads.

    Accubonds are at 1/2 inch in both 130 and 140 grains.

    I love Sierra, but I as a Hunter owe it to the game that I hunt a clean kill.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.
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    It looks to be the bullet to me. Not all bullets shoot good in all rifles. Try the 140gr Game king HPBT. That may shoot better.

    Take a SMK and the SPH bullet and place them side by side and look I bet the 130gr bullet has a longer gliding surface. If that is the case your twist may be wrong.

    Many think it is weight that determines twist but it is not length is the biggest factor in twist rate. If I have a 130gr bullet that is longer than a 135gr bullet then I need a faster twist for the lighter bullet. It is just the fact that most longer bullet weigh more because there is more volume to fill with lead.

    might want to try the 130gr SGK that is a SBT( Spitzer Boat tail)

  3. Patrick Sperry

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    First, thanks for the information,and I apologize for the late response. The modem blew up just after I posted this...

    I'm ordering a box of Game Kings, and will see how well those work. So far it's Nosler Accubonds, and RE 22 powder in this particular rifle.