26 v 36?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by andrewwanca, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. andrewwanca

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    Hey all-

    Looking for some wisdom on a new carry weapon. I'm looking for either a 26 or a 36, and it's solely based on size.

    Does anyone carry a 36 that can give it a good review? I've heard a lot of negativity regarding the recoil management, etc. I understand that a 45 is going to put out quite a bit more than a 9mm.

    I'm not so concerned with the firepower differences. I'm well aware of the ballistic differences of the two. I know that this can quickly spiral into an argument about ammunition choice rather than the original post.

  2. ncmedic964

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    Well the 36 is roughly 1/4" longer and 1/2" taller with roughly the same width and 1/2" longer barrel. I'm sure you already knew all that but nonetheless... I carry a 26 for edc and to be honest it's a bit bulky. I personally wouldn't want to add any size to it.

    My other reason for 26 over 36, and this is pure opinion of course, but with the recoil of a 9 I can get back on target faster. I'm a pretty firm believer that three small holes will bleed out faster than one big one. JMO hope it helps.

  3. yogiboobooranger

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    I am not a 9mm person. I shoot .40 and .45 for the most part. I carried a G36 for several years. The gun shot great, recoil was very manageable for its size, and the gun was very easy to conceal. I have a G27 which is the size equivalent of the G26. I feel the gun is very blocky and not as easy to conceal but...I do carry it from time to time when clothing allows. I also have the G30S, and it gets carried in place of the G27 now. I should also explain that I have nothing against 9mm other than I do not reload for that caliber. I do reload for .40 and .45 so that is the primary reason I would choose the G36.
  4. terry488cal

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    Trying to decide to trade my glock 19c gen 3 for a glock 36 for EDC I love the 45 ACP had a 30SF sold it just to bulky for me the gun shoot superb help me out Guys!!!!!!!
  5. mahall

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    I'm a 9mm freak!! Just love the round!! Availability and fairly cheap!! Plus they double stack in a mag flawlessly!! Glock built its name on the 9mm!! For me, I carry the26 religiously!! I seldom have to worry about printing!! Shoots well and I feel protected anywhere I go!! I use the 26 as a nightstand gun for home defense, using a Glock 19 mag for more capacity!! Keeps me out of my safe, daily!! Great perk for 9mm Glock owners, the interchangeable mags, big to small of course!! I have nothing against those who swear on the 45 round!! Just a little to pricy to practice regularly for me!!
  6. Argyle_Armoring

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    Check out the new Gock 30S.
  7. mdauben

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    I've got a Glock 36 that I bought for carry and its currently my EDC gun. I find it reasonably easy to shoot, comfortable in an IWB holster and completely reliable. Personally, I think it's a fine CCW choice.
  8. McCakie

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    Just those two choices? I'd get the g26 for capacity just in case you miss a shot or two..... if i could have more choices I would at least get the midsize g17/g23 and I would pack the .40..... I do actually... a g22 so my advice is get something a little bigger you'd be amazed what a good holster can hide