26.5mm flare gun rounds

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    Ok, for all the peeps that shoot 26.5mm flare guns, I want to ask some more info about a few types of rounds.
    We all know about the red, green, and white flares, the blue and orange smoke rounds, and the parachute illumination rounds, but I have seen some black smoke rounds on a couple sites for the same price as the rest. Only a couple sites have them. Are they rare?
    Also, while reading about the Czech BRNO flare rifle, I read that they were factory tested with explosive, riot dispersal, and anti personnel rounds. Did these actually exist? I know police teams used tear gas and pepper rounds in the Mandeville guns, but have never found any on any online auction sites.
    I have a .22LR adapter and a 12 gauge flare adapter from American Specialty Ammo, and they also have a reloadable case that uses primed 9mm shells as a high pressure chamber. Would these be worth it, or can you reload factory shells with a 209 primer?
    So, if anyone can give me any info on the black smoke rounds, the anti personnel rounds, or the reloadable cases, it would be much appreciated.