.257 weatherby mag

Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by oxjobber, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. oxjobber

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    Looking for help on loading the 257 weatherby mag, gave up on this project but picked it back up, with the price of ammo skyrocketing, my bullet of choice is the 115 gr combined tech ballistic silvertip and the 100 grn nosler accubond, the reason I thru my hands up I hadn't found a load that matched my 115 grn ballistic tip factory loads , I have just picked up some H1000, Imr 7828, H 4831sc, i also have many other powders, I don't know of anybody that loads this round any help out there:
  2. dvmmoose

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    i've been using h4831sc...62 grain...120 gr nosler partition in my rem. 7oo 257 wthby. so far so good. shot 8 deer in iowa with it from 50-325 yds

  3. curtisj

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    I am curtis And I have the same gun rem 700 stainless 257 weatherby magnum My ballistic tips and partitions do not group at all together.I do have a good accubond load to try too.65 grains of imr 4831 110 grain accubond nosler. another load is 72 grains of reloader 25 with the 115 grain ballistic tip or partition they do not group together but the groups with both bullets i shot three times and you could cover it with a dime.