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    Any opinions on a ballistic tip vs. A partition for whitetail hunting with a .243? I've used both but not in this caliber. Guess I'm afraid of the ballistic tip blowing up and not penetrating.
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    I would use one of 90 to 100 grains and the one that was the most accurate in my rifle. If accuracy was equal, I would use a Speer Hot Core or a Nosler Partition; but that is my opinion and others will have their's.

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    I would give the ballistic tip a try, I have had a few deer get away cause they were so close that the bullet jus made a pass through an with a little to no blood trail , an jus c the deer run off an look the whole day for it.if you are shoot'n 100 yards or more the ballistic tip may or may not work so Whell ,I don't know , I live in the mountains an 50 to 60 yard shot may be the max an with high speeds an close quarters they sometimes like to poke a hole.I shot a 8 point this year 40 yards away wide open an broadside ,the blood trail didn't start till bout 80 yards from were it run an the blood went bout 30 an stopped , no deer, looked all day then came back the next day 2 look an still no deer. Changed to ballistic tip an hit a doe broadside bout same range an she hit the ground. Hope this may help
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    I had used the Speer 105-grain spitzer for many years with good results but decided to look for a different bullet that would suffice for both hunting and target shooting. The Nosler Partition is a very effective hunting bullet, no doubt. The Ballistic Tip has also proven to be an effective hunting round and very accurate also. I would choose the Ballistic Tip to use for both hunting and target shooting. I ended up using the Hornady 95-grain SST for my .243 loads. I was surprised at how well they worked after I found the load I wanted. I am using 40.8 grains of H 4350, which is max for this bullet in the Hornady manual. After some adjustments with the bullet seating depth I was shooting dime-sized groups at 100 yards. I don't hunt much anymore but I hear the SST is an excellent hunting bullet. I would feel good about using this load for whitetail deer. I dropped a big mule deer with my .243.