.243 / 58gr. V-max Terminal Performance

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by Brigadeir, May 9, 2010.

  1. Brigadeir

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    Hi Guys and Gals.
    I have worked up a great shooting round for my Browning A-bolt. I'm using 42.0 gr. Varget under a 158gr. Hornady V-Max pushed at about 3650. Was going to use it for Woodchucks this summer, but they shoot one hole, 2" high @ 100yds. Sooo, I'm thinking of using them for Coyotes also. Question is, does anyone have any experience with these V-Max bullets on Coyote size critters? Am I looking at a fur getter or a total blowout on the dog?
    BTW, average coyotes around here run 30-40 lbs. not the little western dogs.

    Thanks for any input!
  2. cpttango30

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    A buddy uses the 58gr V-max on ground hogs and it sure does make a mess of them.

    Many guys I know say the V-max is not a pelt friendly bullet. my 223 will blow holes clean through a chuck at 275 yards.

  3. jeepcreep927

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    You won't be saving much fur with those vmax, or you'll be doing a lot of sewing... I live in northern Vermont too and even the bigger dogs take it hard with the vmax, even in .223.

    Hit one 38 pounder last winter with a 60 grain vmax (.223) and there was no saving the pelt. Good news is there aren't any "runners" or "spinners".
  4. jpattersonnh

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    I have found 2 bullets that work real well on the coyotes here in the North East. The 53gr speer HP, it has a big 'ole hole in front but fragments inside and the 63 grain sierra semi spitzer. Both are for the .223. I also have been working up some loads for the Barnes tsx, but for the .243 they recommend these!!
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