22s and turkeys

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by 00possum, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. 00possum

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    What do y'all think about it? Here in Texas it's legal to hunt turkeys with a rifle. And what kind of 22? 223, 22 hornet, 22 mag, 22 stinger, 22 lr, 222. Give me the details.
  2. unclebear

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    I don't think I would hunt a gobbler with a rifle just because I enjoy using my bow, but I guess if I did I would use a 17HMR I get 1" groups at 50 yards with it so I guess it would be good for a head shot on a gobbler

  3. Triumphman

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    All depends on yardage you're seeing these Turkey. If everything is within 100yds then a 22Mag is very doable with a good 9 to 12 power scope. If over 100yds but within 250yds then a 223 for ammo cheapness. If going this route, be sure to get a good bolt action as it will be more accurate and a very good scope in variable power of up to around 16 power for more precise shooting and better picture of what bird you want to shoot if there's more than one to choose from, and they're so close together to make out one bird from another. Look to Weaver, Nikon, Vortex, Clearridge, Leupold and others for good scopes that don't change their POI when going from one power to another. A rifle bipod also might be in order for this route if the terrain permits. I wish my State of Missouri allowed rifles, but with some of the Hunter's I've dealt with in the woods, I can see why not.