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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by red ryder, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. red ryder

    red ryder New Member

    i'm looking at getting a .22 pistol to plink cans in the backyard.

    is all .22LR standard? or is there special rounds semi-auto pistols?
  2. 1hole

    1hole New Member

    Most of it is 'Standard", there isn't any common ammo specially made for handguns, only some VERY expensive target stuff and that can be difficult to even find.

    For plinking with a handgun don't get the "hi-velocity" stuff if you have a choice, it's unnecessarly hard on the pistol and it's commonly slightly less accurate too. Hope you are looking at the Rugers.
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  3. UnderFire

    UnderFire New Member

    All the semi-auto pistols I've seen are chambered in .22LR.
    I've seen certain rifles & revolvers chambered in .22 Magnum.
    I haven't seen anything new chambered in .22 short for quite awhile.
    So I would have to say Yes it's standard.
  4. cpttango30

    cpttango30 New Member

    There are a few different rounds for the 22lr.

    SUBSONIC which stay below the speed of sound and offer good accuray with slightly less noise.

    High velocity is the most standard stuff out there al the bulk packs are Hi velocity. These will shoot any anything chambered for a 22lr and will not harm even semiauto pistols. My Ruger MkII has shots tens of thousands of these rounds and still runs fine.

    Hyper velocity rounds Remington Viper, Yellow Jackets and a few others. These are faster and can cause a little more beating on a semiauto action. I would not recomend them for semiauto pistols. Mainly because the extra power is being lost on the shorter barrel.

    CCI Stinger: These are NOT standard 22lr rounds. These roudns are slightly longer than a standard 22lr. They will chamber in a normal chamber due to manufacturing variables in 22lr chamber and ammo. I would not shoot these in a semiauto pistol.
  5. Highpower

    Highpower New Member

    Well, there IS special ammo for plinking cans in the backyard though... :D


    These contain NO GUNPOWDER and are propelled by the priming mixture only. Since there is no gunpowder they will NOT cycle a semi-auto pistol, and you have to eject each round manually.

    However -- they produce very little noise (a slight "pop" vs. a "BANG") which is less likely to stir up the neighbors. ;) :p
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  6. red ryder

    red ryder New Member

    good to know. i was planning on getting a case of stingers since we tend to shoot alot of squirrels and other small game with our winchester 62 and marlin 39A but i'll get a separate box for the semi auto

    these are the ones i was planning on ordering.

    Cabela's -- Online Store

    BILLYBOB44 Active Member

    .22 Long Rifle..

    Ryder, you do what you want, but I agree with Tango=WallyWorld has the Federal 36gr HVHP for around $16.00, per 550 rounds, most all the time. That's about all my Ruger MK!! Target has ever shot. Does well good accuracy, no jams, clean as any other load.:)
  8. red ryder

    red ryder New Member

    well i use my .22 as a kinda "do all"

    its a Winchester model 62, pump, so its not a accurate bolt action.

    its my go-to gun for squirrels and other small game, as well as just casual plinking in the back yard.

    i know different ammo's have different purposes, put i'll be probably be picking up a .22 semi pistol to practice with and teach my girlfriend to shoot with and am searching for a DO ALL ammo so that i can just buy one bulk load and forget about it.